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2024 Affordability Report: Best Value New Cars

We analyzed four vehicle categories with a focus on affordability and value. To select the best-value finalists in each category, we used a methodology that accounts for pricing and available features.

What Are the Best Used Cars for $20,000? has assembled a healthy list of late-model used cars available for a budget of about $20,000.

What Are the Best Used Cars for $10,000? scoured its current vehicle listings and found good vehicles in different types and sizes with median list prices of around $10,000.

Here Are the 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy Right Now

The days of the sub-$10,000 new car are long behind us, but if a rock-bottom base price is what you’re looking for, there are still a variety of models to consider.

What Are the Best Used Cars for $15,000?

To help your search, we poured over’s listings to find a selection of solid vehicles for a $15,000 budget.

Here Are the 10 Cheapest New SUVs You Can Buy Right Now

Automakers have been rushing to fill their lineups with SUVs, and the relatively affordable subcompact SUV class has grown considerably as a result.
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