2003 Toyota Sienna consumer reviews

$23,905 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 Sienna Toyota
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.8
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This is a Great One.

i bought it used with 150K on it. The only mechanical failures were the latch on the lift gate, 2 outside plastic door handles...and the cassette tape player. No Big Deal, I have no cassettes any more. The V6 runs smoothly the Tranny shifts well. the mileage is 17+ around town.


Most Reliable Car ever owned

I have driven from Memphis to Houston, TX numerous times. Great ride and very dependable. Replaced transmission once, over 333,000 on same engine...does not use oil. Best deal ever on vehicle...bought with 100,000 miles in 2009.


Great first car

The 2003 Toyota Sienna is a great all around car. There is plenty of room to carry a whole family on road trips or just down the street. I didn't have any issues outside of normal maintenance.


Best car I’ve ever owned love it

Best car I’ve ever owned and I have owned a few new ones of my life Only wish I could afford a new one but at this stage of my life I guess not love Toyota l am 81 years old


Can't beat a Toyota!

After 319,500 miles what can I say??? I loved...loved...loved this car! Have now purchased another Toyota(3rd one)..am a fan for life!!


Great family Van

My dad gave me one of these after purchasing a new vehicle. It seated 7 and had good power to haul a full crew. These are really good vehicles. They are well built, reliable and safe. I definitely recommend em!



To be honest the van i bought used with 70K miles on it, it was purchased for less than 3k dollars due to someone backing over the front clip with a truck. Which destroyed the upper radiator support, radiator, headlights, grill, hood, and two fenders, as well as liners and wheels.. The Van did run, but i didn't test drive it, and i ended up buying it to fix it, and use it as a daily driver.. I sourced all the parts from salvage yards, Sienna Van parts are very cheap, and i ended up replacing the parts.. the previous owner was a mechanic, the vehicle was very well taken care of, and while crushed, the airbags didn't deploy.. After a full repair, it was left in six different colors, so i painted the van with a rattle can in flat black.. this made the thing look like a stealth bomber, i ended up reaching out to some graffiti artists (5pointz) and having a pin-up girl painted on the side to resemble the WW2 series bombers, it sat to high, and getting lowering springs for a sienna proved to be impossible, so a torch later and some hot springs i got it to sag, to a lowered height, sourced some steel wheels from the breaker, and painted them red, grinded some used BF Goodwrich raised white letter tires to a smooth wide white wall and ended up making the sienna one of a kind.. This was easily IMO the coolest sienna to roam NY. This van was driven for work, play, and to shows... it ended up doing an additional 300+K miles.. to a 390K mile death when the steering rack went bad, and i traded it in.. actually got 6K for the trade, which is more than i paid, with all the modifications, honestly think the guy just thought the bomber look was really cool. I would love to do this to another one.. it was really a fun project.. Things to NOTE: Engine sluding does happen in the 1mzfe. This does not happen if the oil was changed every 3K miles or 5K miles and full synthetic was used.. If the vehicle was abused and not maintained.. this will ruin these engines.. Make sure you get a scope light and check in the valve cover (cam cover) for sludge.. otherwise you will have to take a lot of the engine apart to clean it up..


nice,comfortable and roomy

Thanks for the experience.....................................................................................


It's a van

It's a used van. Runs well. Clean, low miles. Have not had it for long so I can't really say much more.


Solid All-Around

My family has owned an '03 Sienna since buying it new, and I was checking online to see how long it might last. We have something like 160K miles on it; a friend had the same model with over 200K, but that is the most I've heard. Recently, we replaced the brake pads for I don't know how much (maybe a few hundred?); maybe two years ago, we replaced the battery for like a hundred. The engine in this thing is strong (though I try to be gentle with it nowdays) and the gas mileage could be worse. Doesn't change directions quickly, or at least I wouldn't recommend trying: turning too fast makes it feel like it's going to roll over! I don't know if it is possible to do better for a large car. Smooth ride, though. Good for moving large items since four seats can be removed.