2000 Toyota Sienna consumer reviews

$22,368–$23,258 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Sienna Toyota
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.8
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Excellent Vehicle!

I think this vehicle is reliable and drives beautifully. It does sound a little nosier than I expected but overall, its a good van. I love that it is so roomy, I can fit my kids bikes, and many other things. I can' wait to travel with it! I've only had it a few months but its been great so far. I read a few reviews and I think for the value its an excellent Toyota van.



Had it since new and at 176k miles still going strong. Only replaced starter, coils and rear hatch handle. Also, replaced valve cover gaskets at 170K- engine looked like new under valve covers. I changed the oil every 3K miles!



I now have 187,000 miles on my van. It is great! Always reliable, never a problem. Greatest investment ever made.


2000 Toyota Sienna still strong / awesome A/C

Bought used in 2001 with about 20k miles. Replaced a couple of ignition coils at around 100k miles, but only regular maintenance since then. I use Moble One synthetic oil and change around 7k miles. Motor still runs great with 170k miles on it. It has some funny rattles that I cant figure out, the dash board lights are almost all out (keep a solar power flash light about the size of a pack of matches hanging on the a/c switch) which make it hard to see the speed I'm going when driving at night, passenger window gets stuck sometimes, and have replaced a door handle and the handle of the rear hatch (did myself). But it always starts, drives like new and the original a/c is still blowing ice cold air in our Mississippi summers! If I buy a newer Toy van, I hope they are still using the same a/c manufacturer.


Not your typical Minivan

I purchased my XLE used (3 yrs old with 65K mi) and have been incredibly happy with the purchase. When driving back from a business trip, the engine siezed & my local dealership repaired/replaced the engine after reviewing my oil change history. I thought I was going to have to get a new car, since my Sienna was 7 years old at the time w/ approximately 135K miles on it. I love that Toyota stands behind their products. There was a noted problem with sludge build-up in the engine & Toyota extended their warranty by a year because of it. I would whole-heartedly recommend any Toyota product. My Sienna currently has approximately 180K miles & is more reliable than any other car I've owned--and I've owned several throughout the years....


Comfortable, Reliable Workhorse

Extremely comfortable long-distance cruiser. The engine is quiet and smooth, and the suspension soaks up expansion joints. Seats have great support without being too firm. AC is more than able to handle triple digit temperatures in the AZ-CA deserts. Power is adequate. Strains a bit on long mountain grades with a full load, but fuel economy is the positive trade-off: 24-26 mpg overall in rural and freeway driving. Steering is light and handling a bit wallowy on mountain curves. Good tires help, and they're relatively inexpensive for this vehicle. Black plastic lower-body cladding is very tough. It has absorbed a lot of abuse - rocks, tar, birds, and even a brush (literally) with a feral horse - and looks almost new. Problems areas are minor: sliding doors that jam (the only unscheduled repair so far)and a constantly-flashing passenger seat-belt warning light. This van does extra duty transporting youth and their gear to conferences, hauling bulk supplies from the city, and, with the addition of a utility trailer, as a substitute for a pick-up truck. Great all-purpose vehicle!


Maintain and Drive and Drive and Drive

Quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. Quality everything for 8 years. We just performed all maintenance and checks, and have never spent another nickel on on the car aside from gas. Middle seats are very comfortable for adults, back seats are fine for kids, but the seats perch adults too high for long trips. Typical complaints that others have with flashing seatbelt light on dash, as well as squeaky brakes (apparently that goes away if you replace brakes). Never an issue with power up steep grades, or acceleration to pass. Very roomy interior, especially if 2nd and 3rd row seats are removed. We hauled many items when building a new home that wouldn't fit in our truck with cap. Not great on steep, snowy slopes without chaining up, but then again, not too many cars (non awd/4wd) are.


9 Years Old And Still Going Strong

When my mother first bought the Sienna, I was angry because that meant selling our Ford Taurus Wagon. For the first few months, I hated this minivan, but has time has grown, this minivan has grown on me. Bought brand new in 1999, the car is still going with over 100,000 miles on it. I learned to drive on this car, and this car is the main transporter to my many college visits. The room in the middle seats is enough to keep me comfortable for a 9 hour drive to Buffalo. And when the seats are folded down, there is ample room for suitcases or whatever else you may need to fit. While this car has been reliable all around, we have experienced some problems. One of the wheel wells in the car has been acting up, and is constantly setting off the 'check tire' light. And the sliding door (we only have one) is constantly getting stuck and unable to open. Also, the passenger seatbelt indicator is broken and is always flashing even when someone is sitting in the passenger seat. While we still love this van, my mother is looking for something fresh. She claims she wants to upgrade to a newer year Sienna, but you never know with her. The hardest part will be to see if it can fit in our garage. Hopefully if she doesn't get a new one, it will last 5 more years when my sister is ready to look at colleges. Great Job on this one Toyota.


Superior family minivan

Car never gave us problems, can't say that for about 90% of the cars I have owned. If my family did not get too big for the car, we would never think of selling ours.


Good Enough To Stay with Today's Vans

Ratings are given with consideration into the vehicle's age, and not as a direct comparison with today's newest cars. Model: 2000 Sienna XLE Extremely comfortable and smooth, this van is occasionally taken on weekend trips to LA, ~ 400 miles one way. Ride is smooth as silk, beats even that of a newer Mercedes I have at home. Very good acceleration considering the 4000lb curb weight. Will merge with traffic with no problems. It's not a Corvette, but it'll give you the speed you need. I have topped the van's speedo out (ends at 110 mph) The engine is so smooth and so silky, it almost sounds like a rotary. Remarkably car like, it will roll more than many cars, being taller and heavier, but response is quick and sharp enough, an easy car to drive even if all you've driven are VW Golfs. Still modern, after 8 years, crisp and clean, and even slightly aggressive, it certainly beats out the boxes and dullards that were around during this era. A bit bland and gray, but standard tinted windows makes for a comfortable ride even in hot Californian summers. Comes with the basics, and not much else, CD player, CC, and A/C. A nifty compartment for the garage door opener, and more cupholders than people. The two big differences between this van and modern vans is the second row windows don't open and seats aren't fold into floor. Other than that, excellent room, even in the third row, and a decent cargo compartment enough to store two full size suitcases when all seats are up. Seats are all fold flat, and removable, on my car, driver's seat was fully powered, and we had the at that time unheard of power door on one side. Extremely reliable, no problems outside of regular maintenance at 80,000 miles.