2000 Toyota Sienna consumer reviews

$22,368–$23,258 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Sienna Toyota
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.8
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This has been the best car I've owned

Most reliability, family friendly, 3rd row seats are removable or fold down, front hood guard, dual sliding doors


Wish I had my 2000 Sienna LE back ...

We bought our 2000 Sienna LE used with 34,000 miles on it. We drove it from Michigan to Colorado - even up a two track road in the mountains. Four grown adults, our camping equipment and coolers. Even had a foam bed laying on top of everything along one side so we could take turns sleeping on route. It drove smooth. Regular maintenance 80% of the time - always consistent 3,000 mile oil changes - only broke down once when the altenator went out on me. I loved that van! It had almost 240,000 miles on it the last (and third) time I got rear ended in fall of 2016. Insurance company refused to fix the damage because they said it wasn't worth the cost. It drove it to the insurance company - the back window and door was smashed and the rear drivers panel was pretty bent up. They low balled me - paid less than $2,000 and told me to go buy another one! HA that was a tall order and I ended up buying a used 2008 Toyota Sienna CE with 140,000 miles on it out of necessity. The only thing I like in the 08 is the 3rd row fold flat seats and the backseat windows go down. The integrity of this van is lesser than the 2000. The cup holder/tray in between the front seats is a pain in the butt. The auto sliding door never did work - I assume the previous owner disconnected it rather than fix it. I believe the door seals leak because I hear a LOT of road noise. The steering wheel feels closer to me than in my old 2000. I hear what sounds like a squeaky spring in the back right side - even though I have had it in for repairs. I have noticed when my husband drives this 08 it seems to hesitate sometimes - I'm hoping we won't have a transmission issue. I never noticed any of those negatives in the 2000. We are looking to buy another vehicle. Probably another Sienna. I am hoping to find a lower mileage 2000 over the newer ones.


Most reliable car I've onwed

Very reliable, less than $500 (excluding tires) in expenses in the last 4 years. Went to Miami and Naples a few times and never ever had a problem.


Best Vehicle I've Ever Purchased

This van suits all the needs of my family of five. It is very roomy, comfortable, with great pickup and mileage. Easy to get in and out and convenient to remove extra seats if needed. Couldn't ask for more!


Love my SportsVan

Incredible do every thing van. Works just as well at the track as on family road trips. I've taken mine off roading and to the drag strip as well. Overall, practical supercharged that can do it all. With a good driver, this thing can keep up with most stock camaros off the line. Fastest car for the money, love it


Best of the minivans

Ive only had this van for a couple of years but so far it has been very reliable for a 17 year old vehicle. There is plenty of space with the back seats removed. I love the fact that you can easily get into the back from the front of the car. Could use a little more power. Watch out for problems with locks and door handles. Have a hard time getting the doors open in freezing temperatures. Timing belt needs to be done every 7 years or at so many miles which is an expensive part of regular maintenance. The 2008 sienna was the first year to switch over to timing chain. Very solid, reliable van.


Reliable used car!!!!!!!!

Thank you cars.com for helping me find a Toyota Sienna van in my price range. I went a little further than I planned on going to get it, but it was well worth it and saved lots of $$$$$$$$$


Owes me nothing

LE model purchased new in May 2000 & still own it. Has low mileage at 90,000 kms, but used every day for city and short highway trips. No problem with engine sludge, transmission, sliding doors or body rust. Replaced rear hatch handle last year (corrosion), and original battery only in March 2015. Still has original muffler. Great stereo and seat comfort. Good snow traction in winter with winter tires, but good snow tires are a must. Recently removed 2 & 3 row seats to loan to a friend for a 1,500 mile move & they were impressed with engine power on steep grades with the heavy load. Just bought a new Rav4 to replace Sienna and wondering why apart from better gas consumption.


Kids Long Gone, Still Have the Van

We have owned this van since new and it now has over 215K miles on it. Toyota swapped the transmission out at 108K under warranty. Other than wear parts, all I've done is replace light bulbs, rear shocks, weld a little leak on the OEM stainless exhaust system, and fix the rear door handle. Right now the fix-it list consists of a drippy valve cover gasket, the evap system is throwing a code, and the front shocks have lost their gas long ago. The Mom & Pop Moving Company has hauled 12' U-Haul trailers for hundreds of miles as well as a 3000# boat locally. It will swallow up a 10' piece of lumber like nothing. After 14 years it has lost some of the shine, but it still looks pretty good from ten feet. I'm planning to drive it to Florida next month and I'm not a bit concerned. I have thought about replacing it with a 4-Runner, but it's such a great hauler that I haven't done it yet. I put 4 snow tires on for the winter and it's very sure footed in our miserable Rochester, NY winters. Fourteen salty winters and no rust showing on the paint.


Great Van

I truly enjoy a reliable vehicle. I have be saving on gas and it has great mileage. It is very spacious and can carry a heavy load for work if need be. I enjoy the cd and cassette duo and also the sun roof. The comfort of the seats are great. It fits 7 full size adults with comfort.