2000 Toyota Sienna consumer reviews

$22,368–$23,258 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Sienna Toyota
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.8
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Best van ever

23 years on my 2000 xle .. Original transmission Original engine 500000kms and still going strong.. Engine oil changed religiously every 5000 kms with liqua moly.. Transmission every 3rd oil change Struts valve cover gaskets tie rods all done rear springs and shocks done timing belt water pump done every 90km I'm telling u if u do this it will outlast still any brand new 2023 car Between oil changed o.5 of a liter gone and that's not being burned its from evaporated


They never made a better vehicle

I bought my 2000 sienna van in July 1999. It now has 269,000 miles on it. Other than normal wear items like brake pads, tires, batteries and windshield wipers I've replaced the following items. All of these items where replaced after 150,000 miles or ten years of ownership. Drivers side power window motor Electric radiator fan motors Tailgate latch Front interior door handles Alternator Idler arms Passenger side front exterior door handle. The only thing not working on the van today is the light bulb for the "D" transmission selection on the dash.


Still Dependable with 297,762. Miles

Purchased used . with normal maintainence and expected ware n tare , id buy another one and let the grandson drive this one another 100,000. Only problem , weak interior electric. No interior lights after miles of wires and any circuits tested.


very practical

this functions for neccesary transportation we need to get my special needs child to appointments and outtings to have some enjoyments of childhood life in growing up.


Good van but has it problems

I bought the van when it was 18 years old. It has been good in the 2 years with no major maintenance related issues until I saw the oil sludge under the valve covers. It was everywhere and most of it was hard crust covering the top end. I didn't inspect the vehicle well enough and couple days after purchase I noticed blue smoke at start up. It had only 133,000 miles at purchase so either short trips or oil changes were at fault. The engine was clean when I bought it but shortly after along with the blue smoke the PCV system line was blowing out this black tar consistency oil and also out the line going from the front valve cover to the air box tube. Both valve covers where these lines connected were both clogged up with the sludge. Bad maintenance or that so called early model Toyota sludge issue? Either way it served my needs for the time I've had it.


Original engine and transmission at 508,000 miles.

This is the epitome of a well built mini van. It runs smoothly and shows no signs of breaking down anytime soon. It still averages 22 miles per gallon. Good original a/c.


My First Vehicle

Bought this vehicle secondhand, as my first ride. It got me through my daily college commutes and various trips. It's held up very well in all the 15 years I've owned it. There is always plenty of room, (even with my aunt's wheelchair) and it handles very well. As of 2020 it has 305,000+ miles with the original transmission, and is still going strong!


Quiet running. Smoooooth.

This vehicle will outlast me , no question, May be the nicest rig I have ever owned. Amazingly quick for its weight. 160,000 miles and not showing it


it performs as expected

big and tall don't bother. the cloth seats are not advised either. great van for average sized owners...it handles very well not any problems with it


I like old Simple non-computer cars but I had to t

I got this at 1080 when I had it now I'm at a thousand 1084 no hesitation when I turn it on it's rains on like a beast but it is so quiet people think it's not on when they drive my car sometimes they think they and then they turn the key on and it's already on this car is amazing I mean literally amazing for the money it's worth and how old it is it is amazing I mean that has never let me down I do the maintenance on it and everything go every so often which it is necessary but other than that it has never let me down air conditioning heater I mean I am crazy about this car even though it's old but wow I have driven newer cars and it's the same crap and when I go into my old car it's literally like the same new car I just drove in that's amazing for the old as this car is it has put in work and hasn't let you down at all Toyota has come to be a really reliable decent car and I noticed around the world that Toyota has been all over I've been to different countries and I always see Toyota all over that means something it's a good reliable car China or Japan has made a beautiful motor