2017 Toyota Corolla iM consumer reviews

$18,750–$19,490 MSRP range
side view of 2017 Corolla iM Toyota
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Unofficial safety test

I owned this vehicle for two months when I was involved in a head-on crash -- the other guy turned left into my front left corner. I was going straight at about 25 MPH and he was coming at me at about 15-20 MPH - solar glare impaired his vision. The car was totaled, but I walked away with only minor injuries. Airbag deployment and seat belts did their jobs extremely well. I do love this model, and am about to go buy the same thing. It's hard to find so many bells and whistles in a manual shift, at this price range. It has almost all the same safety/entertainment features as my wife's new Subaru Outback, at half the price. In fact, the bluetooth system is the exact same as in the Subaru (without satellite radio). Pros: handles well, comfortable interior (I find the seats way more comfortable than comparable Honda or Mazda), safety features (!), audio sound and ease of use, passenger compartment storage, automatic lights and high beams Cons: acceleration is not great (as others have said), bluetooth connection hesitates often, taking a few seconds to connect, rear seat legroom is small (but totally fine for toting kids), rear window visibility is not as large as I'd like. Keyless start would be nice to add in future iterations. The shift into reverse is unusual and takes some getting used to. MPG average for those first couple of months was around 30, mostly in-town driving.


My 2017 Corolla iM 6-sp Manual

Completely exceeded expectations. I was moving up from a car that was uncomfortable and just 'not enough car' for me. I wanted this model because it's attractive, economical, reliable, has low cost of maintenance and because there was a fat rebate available. I had read reviews that said the handling was only so-so and the performance was middling at best. I confess I did not drive any of the iM's direct competitors because the iM was so much lower in price and I really wanted a Toyota anyhow. I had a very easy time dealing with the Toyota dealer and would recommend them to anyone. I test drove the car and was pleasantly surprised and immediately decided to purchase it. The car is beautiful. I know looks are subjective and not everyone agrees but this is a pretty handsome car. Especially in the gorgeous blue color I chose. The lines are very contemporary without being overdone like some new cars. All of the expected bling such as LED lights in front. For a 4-door hatchback, it looks pretty sporty. The interior is nicely done and also very contemporary. I believe it shares the dashboard with the rest of the Corolla line, although I haven't really checked. There is the expected screen on the dash between the driver and passenger. The screen shows the audio playing except when you shift into reverse and then it turns into a back-up camera. I really appreciate this piece of technology and it works fine on this car. Instruments include a tachometer, at least with my 6-speed manual. The interior is all black with seats that you would not typically expect in a Corolla. You sit relatively low for a car this size with your legs out in front of you like a proper car. The upholstery is a pleasant black cloth. Lots of adjustments available. All of the expected power accessories. No sunroof available if that is an issue for you. I had plenty of room and I'm 6'0" 245 pounds. Performance is "peppy". You won't win any drag races with this car but you also won't have to worry about freeway merges or passing. Only 138 horsepower and no turbocharger. But the fuel economy is worth it. I am currently averaging just under 30mpg and I do much more city driving than most people do. Handling was supposed to be not so good but it's a perfectly well balanced, relatively light weight car and handles wonderfully at normal speeds and above. I'm an over-the-hill hoonigan (look it up) and this is a fun car for a 62 year-old to drive briskly through Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive.


overall a great car. the technical stuff isnt.

The car runs and looks great. It is the car phone that works horrible. The voice control doesn't understand many simple things. Call doug and it dials my parents. Also getting blue tooth to work all the time can be a challenge.


Love my car fun to drive

I love this car its confortable to drive very nice look and style and roomy when i first seen the car i first noticed the design of the car then was interested in test driving and looking into the car further. Since this was a new model Design i had no idea what it was and i soon fell in love. Went and drove it and instantly wanted to own it


Let's Go Places!

Full disclosure ? I?ve only owned this car for one day. I know some impressions take time to make but I will share my thoughts so far. I?m more pleased with this car than I expected to be. After reading reviews, I expected poor performance and poor handling dynamics. I was pleasantly surprised. I am an over-the-hill hoonigan (look it up if you have to) so ?handling dynamics? have always been important to me. The iM is NOT a GTI but I don?t think any reasonable person expects it to be. The power steering, although electric, provides pleasant feedback and broad sweepers can be taken at reasonable speeds. I chose the manual transmission because Save the Manuals, and the performance is perfectly adequate for a vehicle of this size. I can easily chirp the tires in first and second if I wish to ? but being over the hill as I am, it was not intentional either time. The clutch action is light and smooth. Shifting gears is like running a hot knife through butter. Couldn?t possibly be happier with the transmission. The car only comes one way, ?Base? but it has everything on it. That includes automatic temperature control, back-up camera, nice alloy wheels and of course power everything. I have to admit the driver?s seat is not yet comfortable for me but that is most likely due to my oddly-shaped body and most anyone else would be plenty comfortable in this car. You sit with your legs in front of you like a proper car and not upright like a bus. The dashboard and other surrounding surfaces are pleasant enough but not Audi-like. My biggest complaint overall is the inadequate cubby holes available. The infotainment section is straightforward. I?m mildly surprised that there is no SiriusXM radio in the car. It may not be a great choice for a lot of people, but I liked it. In any case, I will save $15 bucks a month. But they do have a system called `aha? which I have not explored yet. My only complaint about the audio is that there is no mute function ? but the sound is great! I have read several reviews of this car that compare it unfavorably to the Mazda3. I have never driven the Mazda so I don?t know, but unless you are a total boy racer (or girl racer!) the Toyota is great.


Best Car I've Owned

Great economy, quality vehicle, drives like a dream, extremely comfortable (I'm handicapped and my comfort is top notch in this car), price met my expectations, buying process was the best I've ever experienced.


Good exterior styling, but that's about it

I test drove this car, and I knew right away it was not right for me. The interior design is just awful. Everything looks and feels cheap, there isn't much room for passengers, and worst of all, it has horrible blind spots. Seriously, you can't even see out of the rear window because the backseat headrests are in the way. Also, the dashboard is way too high up - even for a tall guy like myself. If you're thinking of testing this car, don't bother. If you want a sporty hatchback, try the Mazda 3, (which I ended up buying), the Kia Forte, the Subaru Impreza, or the Honda Civic.


I Love my New Toyota iM

The ride is very quiet, and comfortable even on long rides. Lots of get-up and go. Lifetime warranty on Engine & Transmission w/regular oil changes. I got free oil changes for 8yrs. at any Toyota dealer. This car is going to last a long time!!!


Different from my 1983 Corolla!

This is a great car. There is room for all of my "stuff". The only problem I have is that almost all of this model only had black interiors and I have two fluffy white dogs. I've only had it a week, so no problems thus far.


Billions & Billions Sold! Corollas Are The Best.

The Corolla iM is the long-awaited hatchback version of the Corolla sedan, and is basically the Toyota Auris, the Corolla hatch that's been sold everywhere else in the world since 2006. It's a typical Corolla, and my version is a six speed standard, so there's some decent low-end torque. It corners great and the suspension is stable and fun. But with a 1.8L engine, it's not as quick on the uptake as some of its competitors in the same class, unfortunately. It does, however, get great mileage, and it has every bell and whistle that the Camry does. That includes all the safety features, a back-up camera, high-tech radio that reads your iPhone texts to you in a pleasant voice, and mirrors that fold flat with the push of a button...great for those who may have taken off a mirror while parking in their garage. A plus is that the seats are far more comfortable than the Mazda, and the fabric is even nicer. For the price, the features and how solid this car is, it's a great deal. Plus it's way cheaper and cuter than the Prius.