2005 Toyota Celica consumer reviews

$17,670–$18,470 MSRP range
side view of 2005 Celica Toyota
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 5.0
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 5.0
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Celica and why I love it.

I love my red Toyota Celica GT with the action package. I appreciate the fact that it is a five speed manual and how much fun it is. 140,000 miles and runs like Tony the tiger. Quick with precise steering and handling. The body style and aerodynamics are impressive. Even today the body style looks totally modern. The Celica does sit low to the ground and can be difficult for some people to get into. I have no problem with the rear window or blind spots. You just have to take the time to know your car. Very reliable with little maintenance needed. This is my second Celica. I had a 1977 hatchback that everyone wanted to drive back in the day.


Fun, reliable high-performance car

I have a 2002 Celica GTS with 307,000 miles bought used when it was 3 years old with 125,000. Car is a lot of fun to drive, nimble, light, qyuick, agile, engine revs up quickly, steering precise, suspension sprung just right for high speed freeway cruise. My friends do not feel safe cruising their BMW Z4 and 335s cars over 100 MPH but feel safe and fun at over 1000 MPH in the Celica GTS. The car is versatile with 4 seats and a liftback. The 2ZZ engine is a similar design with the Lexus LFA with a Yamaha's high-speed DOHC, revs up quickly to 8,600 RPM red lne. After 200,000 miles, a few times ran it over heat with broken coolant hose or drive belt, low dirty oil ect, it never broke down, always started, always put out quick, smooth power, howling like a fighter jet. One time after a few years not changing oil, running on low, dirty oil ect, the engine idled very rough, vibrating the car. Shops said nothing trhey could do, suggected swapping engine. I measured cyl 1 compression was 20% lower than average. I figured valves or piston rings gummed up, losing compression. I flushed engine with Motor Medic's Gunk then changed oil. It cleaned everything up, engine was smooth again. Only had to replace a radiator with a small leak, 1 set engine mount, a few ignition coils, 1 O2 sensor, 1 Mass Airflow sensor, EGR carbon cannister, plugs, light bulbs, batteries, oil, fluid, tires ect. My favorite car.


Still going

217,000+ miles and still going! What great purchase this was. I am surprised they stopped making Celicas. I have owned many cars but nothing as reliable as this one


Sporty, Stylish, and Economical

Love this car. Zoom, zoom, zoom! Great gas mileage, sporty, handles great. Interior is not for a real tall person. At 6 ft tall you might feel a bit cramped. Car has required very little work, aside from regular mainentance. I wish Toyota would make them again.


Best Car

My first car. I loved my Celica, aka the Tardis. Which was way "bigger on the inside" than expected. It did decently on petrol and it moved.


Best car i ever have

Excelent car..........................5 star............................I will buy it again.i love it.



This was an excellent first car for me. Loved it completely. It always started up first time and purred like a kitten


Owned 3 Celicas, all you have to do is change oil!

Loved this car! Wish I had a brand new black one! Best car ever!! My first one was an 1988 model, then I had 1991, and my last one 1996!


This is my second Celica

I had a 1997 Toyota Celica ST , it was a GREAT car. My husband is in the Army so I had my 97 Celica shipped over seas to Germany where I drove it problem free for 5 years. Gas , oil changes , and wiper blades were my only expenses / up keep. I went all over Europe in that thing while he was deployed and if I would have broken down ... I wouldnt have had anyone to call for help so thank God it was so reliable ! That car was 13 years old before I replaced the original battery that came in it. When we movd back to the USA I purchased a 2005 Toyota Celica GT-S online. It got 33 MPG and it looked amazing. Every time I went to the car wash or out and about people would ask me about my car and even offer to buy it from me. The body style was so amazing (with the aerodynamic package) that many people thought it was a brand new car. They couldn't believe how old it was .. the style never became out dated like other makes / models such as BMW or Ford ... once those cars are a few years old their style looks obslete ! But not my Celica it was still soooo good looking. Some one even said to me " Wow, Toyota start making the Supra again ?!" Maybe that person was dumb but it was still a great complement to be mistaken for an expensive super car ! I wish Toyota would bring back the Celica and the Supra but for now the Scion FR-S will have to do ! The Celica does justfine in the snow both in Germany & Pennsylvania I took snowy mountains with ease ! Yeah Toyota Celica I love you ! :o)


2005 Toyota Celica GTS

I bought this car online from Hi Auto Sales in Westminster, California. The salesman Chris was very professional and assured me this was car was a beauty and very rare. I took his word for it since I live in Columbus, Ohio which is 2200 miles away! The car was delivered to me last Saturday and he was right. I love this car so much and it's the nicest Celica on the road. If I'm ever out in California, I told Chris I would stop by and say hello. I would definitely recommend this car dealership to anyone interested. Thank you.