2004 Toyota Celica consumer reviews

$17,570–$20,335 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Celica Toyota
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior 3.9
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Havent owned it long but super happy with everything other than the oil leak at only 152km not as sharp in the corners but still handles quite well


Easy and fun to drive

This car met all of my needs. It was just a bit pricey for what I can afford. I I still liked it a lot and would drive it again.


Best cars I?ve ever owned

Just bought my 3rd, 7th gen, Celica. These cars are absolute fantastic. 209,000 miles on my first one and 260,000 (and still going) on my second. Keep up on the routine maintenance and these things will last for a LONG time. Very little repair work, I had the cat converter done on each of the first two, a whee bearing on the first one and a water pump on the se....that?s it! They are very fun to drive as well, and I think they look great. Overall, great car that you can get for a great price that will keep on going! Could not be happier with these cars!!!


The Celica was the last of the ISM legends

The seventh generation Toyota Celica is sleek, "designer" and far more fuel efficient than any other Celica ever made. The trade off is that the exterior styling is dated and lame after 2004. Unless the owner utilizes the aftermarket selections to individualize their car, a stock 7th gen looks like the Delorian- way past it's prime. The interior is much lighter than every other model before it. HOWEVER, it is also ALL CHEAP PLASTIC. only one surface on the interior is soft touch and it's not something you come in contact with often. Despite the creaks and moans of the interior, you will ultimately be pleased with the car, regardless of transmission choice. I've owned an automatic GT, a five speed manual transmission GT, an automatic GT-S and a six speed manual transmission GT-S. It all depends on your preference. If you want to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, I would HIGHLY recommend a 7th generation Celica. In my opinion, it is one of the most versatile manual transmission vehicles of its time. I.e. you can literally drive with the clutch engaged and the car won't shudder, buck or stall. It is an extremely forgiving and understanding car. Mileage that I experienced was always between 35 and 41. That was consistent with all of the models I've owned. With any vehicle, it depends on how you drive. But driving a Celica of this model year aggresively(PLEASE FORGIVE MY SPELLING) OR conservatively- you will enjoy the mileage. The engine of the GT was built for effieciency. The engine of the GT-S has more horsepower and torque, but it's efficient as well. As a daily driver, I would recommend an automatic GT. That is where I achieved the best fuel results. Comfort is an entirely different matter. The 7th generation Celica is cramped, tiny, tight and miserable. No butt support, no thigh support and no back support. This will cause you pain on long distance drives. But this can be remedied with a simple fix. A pillow or cushion on the seat. I bought a chair cushion from an antique store for $2, and that served as my drivers side cushion.


Toyota Reliability!!!!

This is a great car for someone on a budget or in college. The 7th gen Celica looks great in this day and age. I have 180,000 miles on mine and no major issues. Regular maintenance will keep this car working forever. The hatchback design helps with transporting big bulky items as the back seats go down as well. Gets the GTS if you can find a well maintained one and enjoy the LIFT!!!!


Best car I've ever been in

There is a blindspot for days, but outside of that this car is perfect. It is so reliable, it can withstand any damage you can throw at it without endangering the driver. It's got speed and pick up like a muscle car and its light enough to get you ahead of anyone who might wanna race.


Fun, Quick, Good looking

My 2004 Toyota Celica GTS is not just my first car, but also the only car I ever wanted. While I may bias toward it, it truly may be one of the best car bargains ever. With its peppy 180 hp inline 4 it gives you good power especially in the upper end, that is where it shines. The interior is a little on the cheap side, but set up nicely. I only spent $4500 for mine with 145,000 miles. I expect it to last well into its 200,000's.


So many compliments - hot look!

My 2004 in Solar Yellow turns heads! It looks best from the front with it's very low profile and the smoking hot head lights! I get the most compliments when I am parked and someone is walking past me! It feels good to me to have a car twelve years and it still commands attention! Since my first day, I have kept the gas mileage. It has averaged 34.9 mpg for 140,000 miles! My record for a tank of gas was 556 miles! How about that? I have had very little repair cost. Original tires were replaced at 70,000 miles and replacements are still going! Working the five speed is such a joy! If you buy one like mine, I bet you will think it great value at somewhere under $5,000.


Great Little Car!!

Going on my 3rd year owning my 2004 Celica. Absolutely love this car!! So reliable, fun to drive and great on gas!! Purchased it from a private seller, who took very good care of it. Had high miles, but it was in such good, clean condition had to buy it. About the only cons I can say about it, is the spoiler makes it a little difficult to see, and the rear seating is limited. But it is not meant for a family car. It's quite the road hugger!! Love it !!!


Very Reliable

This car is a blast! Sleek, sexy and a head turner. My only complaint is the limited visibility because of small windows and tiny side mirrors. I am sad that Toyota decided to stop the production of this wonderful car. Toyota replaced it with Scion FRS which is quite expensive. Hopefully, the Toyota executives will change their minds and resume the production of Celica's.