2000 Toyota Celica consumer reviews

$16,875–$17,675 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Celica Toyota
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.9
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My first car, the best car!

This was my first car, a silver 2000 GT manual, and it was a blast to own. Comfortable interior, great gas mileage (34mpg on the highway) and cool styling. My only issues were significant oil consumption (approx. 1 qt./300mi), and no anti-lock braking system, but other than that, it was a reliable car that got me to school, work and plenty of adventures.


Purchased off show room floor in Jan 2000

I have kept it "stock", it has over 200K miles and going strong. Just took a day trip 400-mile over Sierra-Nevada Highway 80 back and forth from Benicia, CA, and Reno, NV. I will just say I was in the lead, not a follower on the road. Gas usage is 400+miles to a 12-gallon tank. Major repairs: replaced air condition unit due to my error, catalytic converter, engine due to mechanic error.


Auto needs another overdrive gear

I put an import JDM motor in a 2000. Motor blew from oil starvation @ 116k miles. The GT-S model designed with Yamaha is a screamer with high RPM capabilities. Zero to 25 less than a second, zero to 60 is 6.5 seconds. Low end sucks, I can’t get my auto equipped Celica to spin the tires at takeoff. No burnouts. But over 3200rpm the car hauls. Considering the original motor blew, though, I’m reluctant to spin over 6K rpm. But if fuel economy is your goal, the auto trans has a gear indicator on the dash. Shifts nicely at 2200rpm if you’re easy on the go pedal. Goes into 4th overdrive as soon as you let off the gas and coast. At highway speeds 55-60 mph, car runs 21-2300 rpm. At interstate speeds car likes 73mph at 3200rpm. At 85mph, 3800rpm. This generation Celica would have benefited from a 6 speed auto, better engine longevity and fuel mileage. This dipstick says trans fluid is life of vehicle. Bull. At 116, trans fluid was dirty and grey, not red. Change it with genuine Toyota trans fluid regularly, 60-80 k intervals. PS fluid likewise, had a burnt smell. Car is low, fun in the twisty back roads, not so fun being tailgated by a pickup. Sunroof is great, seats are comfortable with good seating positions available. Car enthusiasts stop and stare as you roll by. Easy to work on. Lots to like.


I owned 3

I still love the last generation of the Celica! I owned 3 a 2000 GT in white, black, silver all were automatics, only bc I couldn’t find a standard. I loved every one but every one was totaled one after another. I think it was me, I took a defensive driving class (court ordered) and realized that it really was me. I haven’t had an accident since 2009. I don’t blame the Celica but I credit it to saving my life 3x. I see them on the road on occasion but less and less. IMO the last Gen Celica was totally underrated. It just came at a bad time in American history, but it should be a part of automotive history. If you have one keep it and take care of it. If you have one and don’t care for it, sell it and give someone a chance to own their dream car.


First car, first love

Had this car from high school through college and loved it. Was super reliable and fun. Two doors made putting extra people in the car difficult but for getting to and from school it was perfect. Also got great gas mileage. Did not have anti-lock breaks unfortunately and that's the end of that love.


I have had this car for 20 years and it is going.

It has malfunctioned from time to time, but it has never left me on the road. The times it has had issues have been just maintenance. Air conditioning has broken down 3 times though, and now the transmission is acting up. Still driving it you wouldn't notice at all if the car is warmed up.


Easily the most reliable car I’ve owned

This car is plenty fast and is a lot of fun to drive but it is also a reliable car that will stick in it for the long run


I've fallen in love with this car.

I have had this car for 3 almost 4 years now, and I have fallen in love with it. It has plenty of opportunities for improvement and modification, and is extremely reliable. This car can become a monster if you know what you're doing under the hood, and is a lot of fun.


Fun and reliable sporty and fast

Super fun to drive, very cool interior. Sporty and handles well. Ultimately a great little machine and great on gas. Love it. Not for old people but great for anyone like me.


Airbags dont work in a crash.

My Celica GTS was just in a rollover crash. I will say the car held together for the most part considering the intensity of the crash, and it is totalled, however the airbags did not deploy and the driver did sustain head injuries. I am disturbed by the fact the airbags did not deploy.