1993 Toyota Celica consumer reviews

$14,348–$15,058 MSRP range
side view of 1993 Celica Toyota
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 5.0
  • Reliability 4.8
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Fun Little Car

All of them are very old now (!) but still a great, fun car. My GTS hatchback with the 5SFE has 256K on the original engine; it's been pretty reliable over the last 11 years, although it does vibrate quite a bit, even after replacing motor mounts. If you can find a lower-mileage one, it could definitely be a daily driver and, if you've got some skills, you can turn it into a pretty decent 90s ripper. Downsides: I've never done better than about 26mpg for fuel economy, the back seat is for small children only, and the trunk is bigger than it needs to be!


I love this vehicle. It is my summer drive.

I am getting rid of it only because I have knee issues and it hurts to get in and out. It is a two owner vehicle with extremely low actual mileage for a 1993 classic. It would be a gem for any one who has always wanted a convertible.


GREAT CAR! Love it just time to move on.

I love this vehicle, it is everything you would want in a classic convertible. It is full of memories of the family member who was first owner and I've sadly decided it's time to move on. It would make a great seasonal car for anyone. It has never been driven year round - thus the low mileage. It has been garaged during winter months.


Great car, second or third or fourth or....

Like the first reviewer said this car is hard to beat. The 4-afe base engine is in the Celica ST model and does not accelerate well at all but the 5-sfe engine used in the GT and GT-S models is more than adequate with a standard transmission and not bad at all with the automatic. Comfort in the front seats is great, even on long trips but the back seat is uncomfortable with little leg room for anyone over 7 years old. As to the engine reliability we have a '92 model with 160K miles and a '93 model with 224K miles both with the original motor. The '93 has an oil leak at the rear main seal but neither motor burns any oil to speak of. With a little basic care and maintenance the 5-sfe engine seems to be very reliable. Both are convertibles and tons of fun! With a little maintenance we are looking forward to many more years and miles. The interior is good, but watch what you put in the cup holder, esp. if you have a stick shift. Going into 3rd gear will put a fingernail in to a styrofoam cup. The value on a 5th gen Celica is hard to beat if you can find one in good shape, buy it! Our daughter's friend liked my wife's car so much she went out and found one for herself.


Great first car

For a first car, it's hard to beat. As it is with many other toyotas, it accelerates VERY poorly. Getting on a freeway is a hazard because you can not jump into traffic. Also it is very uncomfortable to ride in for every day driving. However, the car has amazing handling! It doesn't swirve or bounce around. Also it is good with drifting. Reliability is good. I'll give toyota the fact they made some pretty hard to kill transmissions. After so many neutral drops, jerky manual upshifts, it still barely slips. The motors arent as great as they are cracked up to be. I would say I'm much harder on the transmission than the engine and there have been 3 engines in the car all of which burned oil and gave really bad performance with the 1.6liter 4-afe base model engine also found in the carolla. The engines ok, I've had to do very little maintainance on it, but I've heard better stories. Overall, the car is pretty reliable and is pretty cheap to maintain. But like all cars, even Toyota has its problems.