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Japan’s Subaru is a car and SUV manufacturer with a dedicated consumer base. All-wheel drive has been a Subaru staple, but the automaker branched out in mid-2012 when it debuted a small, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe: the BRZ, a mechanical near-twin to the Toyota GR86.

The BRZ and turbocharged, rally-bred WRX compact sedan — both redesigned for 2022 — form Subaru’s performance lineup. The automaker’s entry-level Impreza compact hatchback also serves as the basis for the Crosstrek small SUV.

Subaru's mid-size sedan is the Legacy, which is related to the Outback, a high-riding wagon with SUV cues. Subaru's more traditional SUVs are the compact Forester and three-row Ascent. An off-road-fortified Outback Wilderness trim launched for 2022, and the Forester and Crosstrek now offer Wilderness trims, too. For 2023, Subaru introduced its first all-electric vehicle: the Solterra compact SUV. Like the jointly developed BRZ and GR86, the Solterra shares its platform with the Toyota bZ4X.

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