2015 Porsche Cayman consumer reviews

$52,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 Cayman Porsche
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.9
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A joy to own!

It’s all good, the 2.7 is very sweet! It does lack 35lbs of torque, but nothing the PDK and 4000 rpm can’t fix. Love this thing in agate grey👌


It's a Porsche!

Exactly what I was looking for. The Cayman GTS is one heck of a car. Underrated by most, over-delivers to all. Carmine red color is beautiful.


Excellent perfectly build very reliable and safe

Best car i have ever owned, fast and very comfortable , very reliable , I highly recommend this Cayman, must test drive to love, you will never drive another car again


Absolutely Breath Taking.

Superb. The car is so fun to drive. It really makes me focus on the roads as I won't to be so engaged in the vehicle, and it deserves that sort of attention. The stares you get when driving are appreciative, but annoying as well.. I can do without them. But if you want a car that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it, while not going to break the bank, oh my, this is it!!!!!


Best car I've ever owed. Super fun to drive

If you're looking for a Porsche that handles better than the 911 at roughly half the price the Cayman is your car. Really nice looking car and I get complements every time I take it out for a drive. I've owned it for 2 years and bought it as a Porsche CPO which included an extended standard warranty. Car has been regularly serviced and has barely been broken in with less than 25K miles.


Unparalleled driving experience

The mid engined six cylinder with the sport exhaust and sport suspension, plus other sport options are driving perfection. This car is very underestimated. I went from a cayman, to a 911 and have gone back to two caymans since. They are just superior when it comes to drive dynamics and characteristics even though the 911 is the iconic Porsche.


10k in 5 months in used 2015 Base 2.7 Cayman

I previously owned a BMW 750IL, 740IL, 1996 VW GTI VR6 (modified to 250+ HP), Accord, VW TDI, Jetta, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover, Volvo and other vehicles. The Porsche Cayman 2.7 981 is the best handling car I have ever driven and it is TRUE! You WILL try to find reasons, when you take it for a spin, to keep driving this car. Commute too short from work to home? You WILL want to find a detour and keep driving and test the car's - and your - limits. This vehicle delivers a glorious sense of trust and confidence on the road. Did you use to take that 360 degree off ramp exit onto the next highway below at 35 mpg? In this Porsche Cayman 2.7 981 your can take it at 50 (granted your tires aren't trash)! Downshift before the sweeping righthand offramp bend, dive into the turn, and accelerate and push through while maintaining your line, and BAM! Big smile. This car executes. Did you used to take 10-20 seconds to thin about and then transition from the fast lane to the slow lane three lanes over to the right? You won't now. You can yank this car from lane to lane without thinking twice about roll, slide, weave or getting out of control and losing your lane. Nike's "Just Do It" slogan definitely applies. Just be safe and not stupid when doing it in traffic. The car is precise, forgiving, and confidence inspiring! The Porsche engineers designed this car for us average folk wanting the BLISS of supercar feel and handling. You can FEEL what the car is feeling on the road. Road sensations and driver feedback through the steering wheel are great! Porsche engineers have truly created a masterpiece vehicle at the entry level. It is reliable, great for a one-day roadtrip from Savannah to Birmingham, comfortable for those of us understanding what we bought and why we are driving it, and it is pretty to look at without the "supercar" stigma. It is a Lion in in Jaguar clothing. As I told a friend, "This is an affordable supercar." And you will think so, too! I just replaced the stock air filters with K&N filters without a hitch. Gained a few HP. Thanks you YouTube. I also changed the oil and cabin filters. So you can perform maintenance on this car and spare yourself paying crazy dealership mechainc fees, if you so choose. Should this be used as a daily driver? It can be. Should it be? I will say this. Nothing makes me feel better (I am 51-years old), and nothing brings out the kid in me more, than using a VW Jetta all week for work and daily driving and then going home on Friday night pulling out my Porsche for weekend events, dinners, dates and fun! The car is a dream and it has plenty of acceleration, looks, sounds and reliability to make you happy you own one. So what are this car's assets? It is a carving machine. It is not a drag strip racer. The base model of this car is not designed for straight-line racing. The local Dodge Charger or Mustang (and they will hunt for you and seek races) will kick your xxx in a drag race. I learned this the stupid way. But get to the S-carved turns, and the switchbacks, and the mountain passes, and crazy traffic and you will redeem yourself. You will also know in your head that your are enjoying your driving experience more than the Mustang driver trying to out rev and and out accelerate you to the next stoplight. So just don't go there. This is a "Driver's" car, not a muscle car, and it is better than VW, better than Audi, better than BMW or Mercedes. The only cars that compare qualitatively in driver enjoyment, surprise, and overall capability (turns, passes, mountains, carving, traffic negotiation) are the Lotus and Audi C4.


Simply the best made car I have ever owned

It is a true expression of a sports car. The ride, it’s response, the wheel feel, and how it looks make it what it is.


A brilliant sports car; the best Porsche on offer?

I have owned a 2016 Cayman GTS (981) for two years now, and it is just such a brilliant little sports car - from one of the best sports car producers in Europe. Actually, I suspect that the 981 Cayman was one of the best value propositions that Porsche has ever offered! The flat 6 motor is just utterly brilliant, and when put into such a capable body and chassis, it is just doomed to be good. The approx. 39000 NM/Deg of torsional rigidity of the Cayman is unrivaled, and easily surpasses even the 991 or any other car for that matter, which provides the Porsche engineers with a lot of freedom when making it into the best road holding car that sensible money can buy. The performance is of course not among the best of the sports cars of today, but easily enough for "you and me" motoring. And once you get a sense of the sports exhaust (an option), you really understand why so many today miss the 981. It even sounds better than the 991 gen 1 with a comparable sports exhaust, which might sound strange - but remember that the Cayman is a mid-engine car which allows for longer exhaust travel and therefore has its own unique sound track. Having previously owner a -92 964 C4 which I thought was loud, the Cayman 3.4 L motor is more (in all departments).. The other quality worth mentioning is the level of comfort you get. With the PASM dampers included, the Cayman is both lowered 10mm compared to the original spec, as well as gets an adaptive set-up. This (together with the torsional rigidity) allows for a set-up of "drive modes" where the chassis can be very comfortable or stiff depending on your driving needs. But the real treat is in the spread between the modes; it is considerably larger than what the competition can accommodate (Audi TTRS for example). You will be pleasantly surprised! I can only say that my 981 Cayman GTS is going to be with me for many years to come, and that it has been a joy from the first time I entered it. It has done approx 6000 miles without a single xxxx-up.


It's a very well engineered high performance sport

Very good responce and acceleration. Light weight and nimble. Overall very fun to drive. The paddle shifters are very responsive, coupled with high quality brakes.