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Few luxury makes have the cachet of Germany’s Mercedes-Benz, whose lineup includes both one-off models and sub-brands like the all-electric EQ range. This includes the compact EQB SUV, along with sedan and SUV variants of the mid-size EQE and full-size EQS (the latter is the pinnacle of Mercedes EVs).

Despite pared-down coupe and convertible offerings, the company offers a robust line of passenger cars, including the subcompact CLA-Class, compact C-Class, mid-size E-Class and full-size S-Class sedans. For SUVs, the compact GLC, mid-size GLE and full-size GLS are the core of the lineup. Mercedes also sells “coupe” versions of the GLC and GLE with raked rooflines; granted, it’s just marketing (both remain four-door SUVs), but Mercedes isn’t alone there. Atop the heap, there’s the boxy, pricey G-Class off-roader.

The AMG division offers performance versions of most Mercedes vehicles (EQ models included), as well as AMG-exclusives like the SL-Class convertible and AMG GT coupe and sedan.

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