2022 Ford Maverick consumer reviews

$20,995 starting MSRP
side view of 2022 Maverick Ford
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Not the best truck

I’ve had the Maverick since January 2022 it’s had several recalls I’m still waiting to get one recall fixed they don’t have the fix for it yet main power harness broke his weld and I was stuck on the road with it When the truck was made they forgot to put the drain line in on the sunroof and water was coming into the truck not the best truck


Fantastic - Best Vehicle Owned

We bought the Maverick XLT Hybrid, and the first three months was frustrating trying to figure out our mileage and range. Wow, after that passed it consistently gets 930km if not more, on a full tank of gas using regular fuel. This vehicle gets constant attention, and we got the cactus grey color that is outstanding. The seats at the back will accommodate a tall person whereby, our son bought a 2022 Tesla 3 and it was a miserable ride at the back. The interior has some recycled material in its dashboard which should be a lead for the industry. It lacks ambient lighting as there is only a faint white color in the middle front console and the empty cubby hole in the screen display is a joke idea. They should have expanded the screen and we put a small stuffed bear in it to fill the void. The glass sunroof should have been a darker tint to give better protection against UV rays. The interior color scheme is wonderful with its contrast, and a comfortable ride. We often use economy gear for driving mode, and it was disappointing Ford was cheap in not putting in a top shelf for the console or lights for the vanity mirror. Ford also did not have upper handle bars on the driver side, and they did not put in cup holders at the rear seat. Yet, there are more features that give you a bang for the buck like rear light and socket plug in bed liner, good headlights (despite no fog lamps which was a turn off as most vehicles have them), and sassy stylishness for this small pick up that draws onlooker attention as I've had many inquiries and great reviews. I bought raised decal stickers on aliexpress for cheap price and stuck them on the rear gate to highlight the Maverick name and it looks great. Why pay lots for Ford's accessories if you can save money? There is fairly good space under the rear seat even with the hidden hybrid battery cover. The vehicle could be a tad higher but it still impresses our family's needs. This pick up will easily suit my needs for river fishing, camping and small loads. The rugged fender flares we got added style to our custom vehicle that took over 10 months before delivery. Check out the Maverick as it is a better ride than the former 2018 crossover Escape we traded in for this newbie. Happy Trails..... Kerwin Maude, b.a.


Battery Issues on a 2022 Ford Maverick.

I bought my 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid with 11 miles on 2022.. And... I will never own another hybrid. The Ford Maverick ruined it for me because the battery stays dead! At 3,800 miles dead battery for no reason. Got a jump , deleted the fordpass app and it was fine until 10.6k miles Now every morning truck is dead... I cannot get ahold or contact anyone to discuss the issue. Very Very Upset with Ford Motor Company and the Ford Maverick Production.


Dangerous infotainment system

Maverick is great but the connectivity of the touch screen / audio / carplay is so bad it is a danger on the road. Unacceptable for a brand new vehicle. I have given up with the infotainment interface, otherwise i would be spending most of my time distracted while driving. It is safer to just be on your phone while driving. Great little truck but a big negative in the poor quality of the touchscreen.


Good but….

Although I really like this truck let me just say that the material they made the dash and door panels out of are scratched very easily so it is kind of hard to keep your truck looking new. Not sure if no one tests these items to see how well they hold up but apparently Ford does not rank quality as a high goal when building these vehicles. I also got the truck with a misaligned wheel well cover but I was told that it would not be repaired by Ford by the dealer’s service department. Now for the good. The truck has a very nice ride and in the hybrid model acceleration is good. I like the interior layout and functionality with the exception of the quality of the materials. Fuel mileage is good as in mixed driving I am getting about 37mpg. I also don’t like that there is no fog light option. I live in area which gets heavy fog and it would be nice to have them. The Lariet model’s Bang and Olufsen sound system is great! I love the way it sounds when in the surround sound mode. Overall I would recommend the truck if you don’t think the dash and door panel quality will be an issue. Just make sure you go over the truck carefully when you get it and make sure that if there are any quality issues they are documented and they make sure to fix them.


Squeeze me.. 😂

Ok, I bought the Maverick a bit over a year ago.Just so happened to be at the right place at the right time! Just traded it in. Had 18,500 miles on it! My only problems was the size of the bed, and… the lack of room for whoever can sqeeze into the back seat!😬 Practically no one! We’d move the front seats forward to accompany whoever, then front seaters really had no room. Not really an initial problem but after a while, it’s frustrating. About the bed. Again, after a while it gets frustrating trying to manipulate items so they fit. I traded for a Ranger…. Other than those two mentioned items, terrific truck!


Great smaller truck

I traded in my Ford focus for a 2022 maverick with only 400 miles on it. I have both a 2019 ranger and a maverick now. I bought the maverick mostly since it is a little smaller and has a hybrid engine. Where I live in the winter especially with snow, the streets become narrow and a bigger truck is hard to drive through them. I love both trucks and I have been getting close to 40 mpg average on the maverick. And the best part is the engine is just as responsive and powerful in feel as the ranger. If you don't sometimes need 4wd and can live with a truck a little lower to the ground you will not be disappointed with the maverick hybrid. The downside is finding one that is a reasonable price if you don't want to wait for the order banks to open


Love my truck

A refusal the dealer had, called me as I have a Hybrid on order. I looked it over 2.0 XL I took it. so very pleased with it. Spunky and milage is not bad. Nice to sit in and drive. May not accept the hybrid, don't think it will perform as good. Great little truck, would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want a big bulky gas guzzer


Sporty & Economical

Fantastic a small pick up truck from Ford, bravo. We bought the 2022 xlt hybrid fwd and it's maneuverability and economic savings is quite impressive. The heated front seats warm up very quickly, and like the visibility all around. Despite the frustration with ongoing delays in both its production and delivery and we finally got it in late October 2022. There were some eyebrow raising issues in the design like no grab bar handle over the driver's head, and a small empty compartment box beside the display screen. Many people will scratch their heads trying to figure out what to put in it but some places like Etsy and Amazon have some doable solutions. You can get either a rear cup holder or garbage bin from several websites or a 3d printer item to fit in the slot. It was a bit disappointing not to see various colored ambient lighting, and unknown if you can download a display wallpaper theme for the screen to brighten and color up the background. The rear seat head room is great for taller folks, and even with a hybrid battery under the rear bench seat there is lots of room to store stuff. We relish the different driving modes like slippery, eco, sports to adjust to different driving needs and weather conditions. There is, we are told, some recycled goods like the dashboard. I was disappointed it did not have a cdrom nor fog lamps, but the headlights shine quite bright. Yes, we are new owners and time will tell if it lives up to its boasting potential of 810km per tank of gas, depending on driver habits. Happy Trails, and try it out..We've had five Fords in the past 25 years, and the 2011 Escape was my personal favorite, but the new 2022 Maverick is a gem. Love the heated steering wheel in the cold weather as it keeps you toasty warm. We ordered the mounded plastic floor mats that stops water from bleeding on to the carpet from rain or melted snow. Blaze a new trail, and happy trails to all!


Thumbs up

Great vehicle , 2.0 T is the way to go if you will be pulling a trailer. I pull a 500 lb 4 wheeler and small trailer. 4 can ride nicely,back seat has just enough room. Only negative is the old flip key , push button would be great on a LX model.