2001 Audi TT consumer reviews

$31,200 starting MSRP
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84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 3.8
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Love my car

I absolutely loooove my car I'd pay a million dollars for it if I had to. It's super fun to drive a bit expensive to fix but if course it is it's an audi.i love my car


Own four, will buy more

I own four TTs, all are 2001s. Bought my first, a 225 Quattro coupe, in 2006. I have since purchased two 180 fwd convertibles and a 180 Quattro coupe. All versions are notorious for instrument cluster issues. All 4 of mine suffered this issue to one degree or another. Another common problem is with the door panels. Where the door panel meets the window the panels lift and roll upward away from the window. Both of my convertible suffered this issue. They often crack as well. This is not the easiest fix. Remember it is an Audi - parts are not cheap.... a new Zenon headlight assembly is $1000. The fwd version being lightest tosses around in traffic easier. The fwd version is more or less a rebodied Golf performance wise. As a result of several high speed crashes the neutral feeling handling was changed to more understeer via a recall and then standardized on future models. However, if you desire to do the mods to get back closer to the 1999 set up... i can actually achieve some oversteer on my 225 after replacing several suspension components. While the increased power of the 225 Quattro makes it sportier to drive than the 180, it is not a race car. Since the 225 version weighs over 3000lbs it needs @ 300hp before it feels alive. Biggest HP gains come from replacing the factory down pipe with a 3" and then replacing factory cat with a high flow version. After upgrading the factory programming with an aftermarket "chip" or "reflash" and an upgraded diverter valve (to handle the boost increase) the car will produce A LOT more heat under the hood. The factory intercooler(2 on 225 version) are too small and the turbo heat soaks them quickly. A large front mount makes a noticeable difference in performance after the second stop light. Replacing the smaller oem radiator with a larger, direct fit, oem mk4 golf radiator adds reliability and helps reduce under hood temps a little. These changes put it closer to 300hp at the flywheel making it more enjoyable to drive. They also reduce the change in performance after a couple runs through the gears. The seat heaters are nice and necessary since the heater itself in the convertibles is not overpowering. Seats are very form fitting and may be uncomfortable for larger waisted individuals. The minimal lumbar support gives me a back ache after about 4hrs. At 6'1" the drivers seat must be slid all the way back for me to have enough leg room. The front seats slide back about 1 inch more in the coupe vs the convertible. Plenty of headroom for me inside but I occasionally bump my head getting in.


Short of expectations

Be advised... I have owned 2 (two) 2001 Audi TT Quattros. First one was a 5spd 180 hp coupe.Many issues with electrical problems and even with a Borla cat-back dual exhaust and a REVO chip reflash, power was short of exciting. Handling was excellent but acceleration left much to be desired. Without a tech who thoroughly grasps "AUDI-ISMS" you will likely be disappointed with this automobile... 2nd 2001 TT was a roadster 225 up 6 spd. Slightly more power but still left me short of the response I hoped for. Plenty of electrical issues with the roadster. COM crapped out and was Unavailable as a factory part. Had to purchase a used module for an astronomical $700. Fortunately it has been reliable this far. Also installed a Borla cat-back dual exhaust and opted for an APR Stage 1 reflash. 0-60 times struggle to find 6 seconds. hp is supposedly 254 now with torque @ 264 ft lbs. At age 70, the performance of this car leaves much to be desired. The road holding is pretty good but expect understeer. If you are considering an AUDI TT ----- I recommend you look into a TTS or TTRS for performance that justifies this automobile.


Fun but too many reliability issues

Car is a ton of fun to drive, holds the road well, good performance and good gas mileage. My biggest issue with it is reliability of support systems. I've had seemingly endless issues with the various components of the electrical system. CCM (Comfort Control Module) went south due to water intrusion. Get this, module is beneath where the convertible top is stored, and it is totally unprotected. I love german engineering in general but this is inexcusable. Cost to replace is $1200 and then if you have plug damage its multiplied by 3-5 times. New Alternator was $1100. Anything breaks, assume it will start at $1000 and go up from there...


Keep up w/ maintenance & this car won't let u down

Its a very reliable car in terms of anything breaking or going wrong. If you keep up regular scheduled maintenance like oil changes then you will never run into any mechanical problems.


Reliable and stylish!

I drove this car from Waco, TX to Corpus Christi, TX left on a full tank of gas and still had a bit over 1/4 tank when arrived. Amazing gas mileage.


Fun Summer Sports Car

I've owned this car for 16 years and its always been a pleasure to drive. Plenty of pep with the 2.0 turbo engineand 6 speed manual transmission


What a thrill!

This car is a dream to drive. With 225hp, AWD, and minimal weight, it loves curves and accelerating through them. The cockpit is gorgeous minimalism, and incredibly comfortable. The only draw back are all the little plastic pieces don't last.Expect the glove box lock hinge and the rear compartment door between the seats to break. But these matter little once your carving the hills with the top down!


Really a fun car

This car is a good example of a Luxury Roadster with features like heated leather seats, automatic climate control cruise control, keyless entry, power mirrors and Bose sound system with cassette tape player and 6 CD changer. The power train is headed by a 1.8 L 4 cyl turbo charged engine in front of a 6-speed manual transmission and all wheel "Quattro" drive and independent suspension all around. The performance is expected and the luxury is a bonus. I have also had a BMW Z3 3.0 L 6 cyl and I would say that the TT is just as peppy and even more luxurious.


Most fun vehicle i have owned

This is one of the most entertaining cars I've owned. I specially like driving around winding roads. The AWD allows this vehicle to hug the curves. Perfect daily commuter or weekend cruiser.