1997 Audi A6 consumer reviews

$32,600 starting MSRP
side view of 1997 A6 Audi
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.3
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She's one that I hate to love

Most comfortable ride ever. And being all- wheel drive, she's reliable when it comes to living up north.



Hands down Audi Quattro handles the road no matter what the conditions A6 is a super stable ride in any weather. Great handling in rain, snow, ice, puddles, you name it.



WHEN AUDI BUILT THE 1997 A6 THEY PROMISED TO DELIVER THE BEST AUDI EVER AND THEY DIDNT DISAPPOINT TO DATE THEY HAVE YET TO BUILD AN A6 OF HIGHER QUALITY OF PAINT GLASS COMFORT INTERIOR HANDLING EXTERIOR ok they made a faster A6 and got rid of the delayed throttle response but that can be overcome by pressing on the acceleration before take off while in neutral...i have tried countless amounts of newer cars mostly luxury ('02bmw525i '06 325i '00 lexus 400 '04 a4 s4 a6 '02 benz c240 acura rl) and eventhough some are faster(gas prices) they just cant match the overall of this A6 no issues at all in 10 yrs ownage the parts just dont wear out stops on a dime...we're not supposed to have cars that perform great forever...and unlike other cars that get worse over time this car i kid you not improved overtime because of its slight weight tires have to be replaced when they reach their mileage limits and i dont recommend doing any upgrades or after market products especially electrical its a very complex car so if it must be done by dealership only after i serviced my car at a toyota dealership(don't ask they had a guy that was audi expert) it literaly went from super comfortable to HOVERCRAFT zero sound mega smoothness(the mechanics kept telling me i had a great car). This car is excessively reponsive to the driver and road...it eats pot holes and railroad crossings even speed bumps the car seems to know when u want to accelerate or stop between the on board computer and some mini hydraulics sensing i believe the car comes to a complete stop if u let go of the accelerator if the curviture of the road follows the angle of the road (i.e. narscar tracks) you can let your hands go and the suspension will try to follow curve/bend of road hence (with minor help) following the road like a train follows tracks but don't try this just take my word and finally I BOUGHT THE CAR FOR 40% RETAIL AND YES THIS CAR DOESN'T STOP AT 120 MPH AS LISTED I'VE GONE UPTO 185 MPH IN A RACE TRACK NO AFTERMARKET/CHANGES feels like you are doing about 90-100 in other cars


Great ride; above average cost to maintain

I have 140k on my A6Q, owned since 45k 8 yrs ago. It has all options incl: power/leather/heated driver and passenger seats, Bose sound, alloy wheels, CD, electric moon/sunroof. Overall the car has been exactly as I anticpated: luxury sedan, good performance and handling, nice sound, very safe in ALL weather. It does all things well. To improve on the above would require alot more money invested in a new vehicle. It gives you a solid German feel. It is a heavy car, so it is not a sports car and do not expect that performance level. Audis are highly engineered cars (you can argue over-engineered). Over time you will spend money repairing and replacing things. And quattro/ suspension-wise things wear out and are expensive to fix. The engine is rock-solid. There is an expensive ($1,000) repair every 60k miles - timing/serpantine belt. My transmission has had a recurring leak that the dealer repaired free twice. Seems to have fixed it finally. Being an Audi, minor electrical things break which are annoying: speedo light, gear shift light, for example. To fix these $2.00 lights requires removing the entire dashboard (6 hrs labor = $500). Go figure. I also wish it was quieter. I've owned 3 other Audis so I expect some of this and accept it. If you want this excellent ride that few other cars can provide (esp. Japanese cars - even Lexus and Infiniti), then you will have to accept these issues or be frustrated.


166K and still strong

runs like a dream even at that kind of milage. highly recommend as a used car. cheap and extremely more reliable compared to a turbo a4. this car has never needed more then routine maintenance.


hold and have fun in the snow....

the insde of these cars apear plain...but after usage will find a class above even the newest cars comming out of japan...must be matained ...