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202402 hidden costs of ev scaled jpg
Are there hidden costs that could make owning an EV as much or more expensive? The evidence is no, not over time.
202405 do hybrid tires last longer than gas tires scaled jpg
Electric vehicles tend to wear out tires more quickly compared to similar gasoline cars, and it can be worse on performance-oriented models that are fitted with softer tires for better grip.
202310 how to check air pressure scaled jpg
Proper tire pressure is much more crucial to your car than you may think, and it results in a safer and more economical experience on the road.
330862467 1426262610566 jpg
Your car has a recommended tire pressure that will give the best gas mileage, handling and tire life for that car — and it’s written right on the vehicle’s door.
202212 how to check your tire tread scaled jpg
Although the ideal way to check tire tread wear is with a tread-depth gauge, you can get by with what’s known as the “penny test” or just using your fingers.
abs light 01 jpg
The dashboard light in your car that looks like an exclamation point is a low tire pressure warning.
2022 Acura MDX 010 jpg
Low-rolling-resistance tires are designed to improve a vehicle’s fuel economy by reducing its rolling resistance as it travels down the road.
subaru wrx 2022 11 exterior oem orange wheel jpg
Run-flat tires can be driven on — at least for a short distance — even if they lose all their air pressure.
subaru wrx sti series white 2020 14 exterior  front wheel jpg
Each type of tire has strong points and weak ones, and none is probably ideal for every situation or time of year, so it pays to know their strengths and weaknesses.
nissan titan pro 4x 2020 35 angle  brown  exterior jpg
Nissan is issuing a recall for some 127,000 Altima sedans and Titan pickup trucks equipped with overcured Continental tires.