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ev full tax credit jpg
To get the federal EV tax credit, you have to buy a new and eligible electric car. Here are the currently available eligible vehicles.
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See where 100 vehicles ranked — as well as what didn’t qualify — for’s study of the most American-made vehicles for 2024.
202406 ev ranges scaled jpg
Range anxiety is one very strong motivating factor for electric car shoppers, so here are the electric cars with the longest range for 2024.
202203 cheapest evs on sale now scaled jpg
These are the cheapest electric cars available now that won’t break the bank, though they’re generally still more expensive than comparable gasoline vehicles.
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Most luxury brands fall under larger mass-market automakers, but sorting through the ownership can be a mess. Here's our guide.
tesla model y 2021 02 blue exterior front angle sedan scaled jpg
Tesla is recalling 125,000-plus Tesla models for a faulty seat belt warning light and chime.
toyota sienna woodland 2022 02 exterior front angle scaled jpg
If you’re one of the millions hitting the road and you need a new ride, check out our list of editors’ favorites by vehicle category.
tesla model 3 2024 01 exterior front angle grey scaled jpg
Tesla’s comprehensive overhaul to the suspension, interior and user-interface of the Model 3 makes it not just one of the best EVs available, but one of the most compelling compact luxury sedans on the market — period.
202405 trends for 2024 ev sales scaled jpg
Between incentives, price cuts and high inventory levels, a new report from indicates it’s definitely a buyer’s market for electric vehicles.
tesla model y 2021 02 exterior dynamic dragstrip profile scaled jpg
The Model Y continued to deliver enviable efficiency right up until the end of its time in our garage, but after more than two years of living with it, would our staff really miss it?