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ford f150 raptor r 2024 67 exterior offroad front scaled jpg
Ford just put its 2024 F-150 through what’s called a “mid-cycle refresh,” where it received mild styling updates, new interior bits and new technology and features, plus the Raptor R, which is still something special.
alfa romeo giulia stelvia quadrifoglio super sport 2024 exterior oem 02 jpg
Alfa Romeo is celebrating the end of the V-6 with a limited run of Quadrifoglio Super Sports.
toyota tundra 1794 edition 2024 exterior oem 17 jpg
The Tundra 1794 Edition commemorates the founding of the Texas ranch that’s currently the site of the company’s assembly plant in San Antonio where the Tundra pickup truck is built.
bentley edition 8 2024 exterior oem 12 jpg
Bentley says goodbye to its V-8 with a series of Edition 8 packages available on some of its cars.
bmw m4 cs 2025 exterior oem 04 jpg
BMW freshened up the M4 for 2025, but the automaker now is adding a new model to the lineup: the 2025 M4 CS.
mercedes amg cle53 cabriolet 2025 exterior oem 05 jpg
The 2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet mirrors the recently announced AMG CLE53 Coupe, but with a power-retractable cloth top.
ferrari 12cilindri 2024 exterior oem 01 jpg
Available in coupe and Spider (convertible) forms, the 2025 12Cilindri is likely the last regular-production front-engine V-12 Ferrari.
dodge durango srt 392 alchemi 2024 exterior oem 03 jpg
The Horsepower Locator at DodgeGarage.com is how Dodge is connecting buyers with dealers that have been allocated its Last Call special-edition vehicles.
lotus emira 2024 01 exterior front angle scaled jpg
If you’re considering adding a new Lotus sports car to your garage, this is your sign to do it because the Emira doesn't just have a striking design, fantastic driving fundamentals and tremendously improved fit and finish — it's also likely to be the last gas-powered Lotus put to production.
chevrolet corvette e ray 2024 exterior oem 11 jpg
Before the highly anticipated debut of the ZR1 come summer, the rest of the Corvette lineup gets a small update.