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202402 hidden costs of ev scaled jpg
Are there hidden costs that could make owning an EV as much or more expensive? The evidence is no, not over time.
202405 ev and gas car maintenance cost scaled jpg
Regular maintenance for a hybrid, including normal wear and tear, generally doesn’t entail higher costs than a conventional gas-only vehicle, but repairs can be more complicated.
bmw i4 2024 exterior oem 01 jpg
J.D. Power’s Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study tracks how happy buyers are with their EVs.
tesla model y 2021 01 blue exterior profile sedan scaled jpg
As much of the country is plunged into Arendelle levels of frigid temperatures, ice and snow this week, electric cars may be feeling the sting more than other types of vehicles due to battery and charging issues that come up when temps drop.
ford f 150 hybrid supercrew limited 2021 25 bed bed liner exterior jpg
We went with a hybrid bedliner of sorts that combines the best aspects of a drop-in bedliner — though much better executed — with a 3/8-inch-thick rubber mat for the floor.
can you refinance a car loan 2 gif
To successfully refinance a car loan, you have to meaningfully lower the rate and not extend the loan term.
JPG source Central Houston Nissan Exterior 1 jpg
A few mostly luxury brands offer car subscriptions that provide wheels, maintenance and insurance for one all-in monthly fee.
hyundai palisade 2020 01 angle  dynamic  exterior  front  red  urban jpg
In asking our staff to reflect on a year with the 2020 Hyundai Palisade, the comments were mostly positive, though everyone had at least a qualifier related to its malodorous mystery.
large auto repair service bay garage lift jpeg
California and the District of Columbia ranked highest and second-highest, respectively, for check-engine light repair costs in 2019.
genesis g70 2019 01 blue  dynamic  exterior  snow jpg
After a year with our long-term car, the 2019 Genesis G70, we’re trading it in. Here’s a recap of our experience so far.