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Coolant system

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202401 what you should know about water pumps scaled jpg
Your car’s water pump circulates coolant throughout the engine, where it soaks up heat, and into the radiator, where the coolant is cooled and then recirculated back to the engine to start the process over again.
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In a word, the car exhaust smoke is caused by condensation — in two separate events. It’s similar to why you can see your breath on a winter day.
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There are two checks you can easily do on your coolant: whether you have enough of it and if it’s still protecting your engine in cold temperatures.
202302 why is my car leaking coolent scaled jpg
Coolant leaks aren’t always easy to find, as air blowing through the front of the car can spread coolant all over, and that means the puddle you see on the ground may not be directly under the leak.
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For some vehicles, you're advised to change the coolant every 30,000 miles. For others, changing the coolant isn't even on the maintenance schedule.