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ford f 150 2022 lightning solar charging black exterior truck scaled jpg
Bidirectional charging aims to put an EV’s battery to work, whether it’s to power a home during an outage or send power back to the grid en masse.
toyota ionna ev charging network 2025 exterior oem 01 jpg
Ionna, an automaker-led partnership to develop a nationwide public-charging network, is now joined by a company known for its reluctance to develop EVs: Toyota.
202406 inductive road charging scaled jpg
E-roadways are an industrial-strength relative of the kind of inductive Qi charging technology that lets you wirelessly charge your devices, but how do such inductive-charging roads work for EVs?
202402 hidden costs of ev scaled jpg
Are there hidden costs that could make owning an EV as much or more expensive? The evidence is no, not over time.
bmw x1 m35i xdrive 2024 exterior oem 05 jpg
Many BMW nameplates that aren’t receiving major refreshes for 2025 are seeing minor improvements instead, including the X1, X2, XM, iX, 5 Series and 7 Series.
kia ev9 gt 2024 03 exterior charging scaled jpg
In the pursuit of experience, we drove a 2024 Kia EV9 GT-Line from L.A. to Las Vegas and learned some lessons about the now and future of our EV timeline.
ford escape phev 2023 07 exterior charge port oem scaled jpg
Traditional hybrids, such as the popular Toyota Prius, do not need to be plugged in to recharge their battery. In fact, they can’t be plugged in.
ev charging cars 10 scaled jpg
Find out which states have the most public electric vehicle chargers.
tesla model y 2021 08 exterior dynamic front angle scaled jpg
There were takeaways from commuting in the Model Y that could be helpful for those looking to spend a lot of miles and minutes in the EV.
gm energy wallbox 2024 exterior oem 01 jpg
GM is introducing a comprehensive suite of home- and business-energy products for GM electric vehicles through its GM Energy subsidiary.