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Car loan FAQ

How do car loans work?

When you secure a car loan from a financial institution, you borrow the money required to purchase the car and pay it back over time with an annual percentage interest rate.

What’s the term on a car loan?

The car loan term is the length of time that you’ll be paying back the amount of money you borrowed. This typically ranges from 12 to 84 months in 12-month increments.

What’s the interest rate on a car loan?

The car loan interest rate is an annual percentage of the amount of money that you finance. It serves as the price you pay for borrowing money from a financial institution.

What’s sales tax on a car purchase?

Sales tax is a percentage of the car price that you owe to your state. Be sure to research how sales tax works for car purchases in your state – some states charge tax on the full price of the car you’re buying, while others charge no tax at all. Most states, however, allow a trade-in credit to offset the taxable amount of a car purchase.

What's the trade-in value of a car?

A car’s trade-in value is the amount of money that a dealership is willing to pay for your car when you purchase a new one. Be sure to follow these steps to maximize your car’s trade-in value before visiting the dealership.

Where can I get a car loan?

Car loans are available through several institutions, including automakers, credit unions, banks and financial companies.

Can I pay off a car loan early?

You typically can pay off a car loan early if it makes sense for your situation but be sure to check your financial documents first to ensure that there’s no penalty for prepaying the loan.

Can I refinance a car loan

Yes, you can refinance a car loan, but you should run the numbers to ensure that refinancing makes sense for your situation.

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