Here Are the New Electric Vehicles Planned by 2027

lucid gravity 2023 exterior oem 08 jpg 2025 Lucid Gravity | Manufacturer image

The crystal ball for electric vehicles has gotten cloudy as many major automakers take a sober look at their EV plans and quietly shift priorities, cut production and extend new product timelines. While many headlines about EV sales in recent months were over-the-top gloomy, the market likely was due for this reality check. There’s no shortage of pricey electric SUVs and a dearth of entry-price EVs, even as higher interest rates have raised the cost of borrowing for buyers and makers.

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Against that background, you should expect additions, subtractions and shifting launch years (not a new thing with EV introductions) for this list. Here’s a look at some of the EVs planned to launch by 2027.


dodge charger srt ev 01 exterior front angle jpg Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept | photo by Christian Lantry

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Expected: 2025

Alfa Romeo has set a goal of being an all-EV brand by 2027, and the first Alfa Romeo EV we are likely to see in the U.S. is a redesigned electric version of the Giulia sports sedan. While the Stellantis brand will reveal April 10 a new small electric SUV called the Milano, it appears for now to be only for Europe; what we will get, according to Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, is a new-generation Giulia riding on the new Stellantis “STLA Large” platform. Details were few, but he said there will be different variants, including an electric Quadrifoglio performance version with 1,000 horsepower.

Audi A6 e-Tron

Expected: 2025

Audi showed a production-oriented concept for the A6 e-Tron mid-size sedan back in 2021 in Shanghai and a concept for a wagon version in 2022. The sedan should finally arrive stateside for 2025. Though U.S. details have not been announced beyond that it will be based on the new Premium Platform Electric developed by Audi parent Volkswagen for its upscale brands, Audi has said that the most powerful A6 model will offer 0-62 mph in less than four seconds.

Dodge Charger

Expected: 2025

The discontinued Dodge Charger sedan is getting an electric replacement. The company has already posted its own “spy photos” of the electric Charger sedan and said it could be available late in 2024. The new Charger appears to be similar in design, though toned down for production, to the Charger Daytona SRT Concept electric muscle car shown in 2022. No more details were offered, but it’s also expected to be built on the STLA Large platform, one of four of Stellantis’ new platforms for EVs.

Honda Sedan

Expected: 2026

Honda showed futuristic concepts at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in January for an “O Series” Saloon sedan and Space-Hub van. It said that a sedan inspired by the concept and riding a new Honda-developed EV platform will arrive in 2026. Honda recently ended a partnership with GM that spawned the first Honda and Acura EVs (the Prologue and ZDX, respectively), and the automaker is building its own EV plant in Ohio.

Sony-Honda Afeela Sedan

Expected: 2026

At CES in January, Sony and Honda also displayed an updated concept for their upcoming joint-developed Afeela electric sedan. The concept vehicle is loaded with entertainment-focused video and audio features and AI-based voice control, as well as advanced driver-assistance capability. Whether this is a one-off or the partnership will field additional vehicles has not been announced.

Jaguar GT Sedan

Expected: 2025

Jaguar is on a stated mission to relaunch itself and move more upmarket as an all-electric high-end luxury brand by 2030. The brand reportedly has said the makeover will begin with a high-style GT performance four-door sedan on a new electric platform; it is to be unveiled in 2024 and produced in 2025. The plan is for all new Jaguars to be electric after that, but the company has only said it will have at least one more EV by 2026.

Lexus Sedan

Expected: 2026

In October in Japan, Lexus unveiled the LF-ZC four-door luxury sedan that it says is a concept for its next-generation EV, which will go into production in 2026; it will feature advanced battery tech and new production techniques. At the same time, Lexus showed a LF-ZL concept for a “future Lexus flagship luxury model” but with no timing announced.

Lotus Emeya

Expected: 2024

The second EV from the evolving luxury brand (formerly a British sports car maker) owned by China’s Geely will be the Emeya; it arrives in late 2024 as a 2025 four-door sedan follow-up to the 2024 Eletre electric SUV. Lotus says the high-performance Emeya will have a 102-kilowatt-hour battery pack and a two-motor drive system offering up to 905 hp and an estimated 0-62 mph time of less than 2.8 seconds. It will share with the Eletre an impressive 29-inch color head-up display.

Polestar 5

Expected: Late 2024

Polestar has not revealed details for the coming Polestar 5 luxury performance sedan except that it is planned to launch in 2024 and will be a production version of the brand’s stylish Precept concept, which was revealed in 2020. A prototype was shown at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K.

Volkswagen ID.7

Expected: 2025

VW describes its coming ID.7 as a “premium mid-size” sedan. The ID.7 will have a rear-mounted, 282-hp electric motor and an 82-kWh battery, while an all-wheel-drive version is expected later; a U.S. range estimate has not been specified. Upscale features and options include an augmented reality head-up display, massaging seats, adaptive suspension, 700-watt premium audio and an electrochromic panoramic moonroof that can range from opaque to transparent.

SUVs and Pickup Trucks

2026 cadillac vistiq 01 2 jpg 2026 Cadillac Vistiq | Manufacturer image

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Expected: 2026

Following the Giulia sedan will be a redesigned electric version of the Stelvio luxury mid-size SUV that will share the platform with the Giulia EV. Why a sedan ahead of a likely better-selling SUV? Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato told Top Gear in the U.K., “With an EV, you speak first of range. A [sedan] is better for that.”

Alfa Romeo Large SUV

Expected: 2027

As Alfa Romeo completes a planned change to an all-electric lineup in 2027, a new flagship model will be added, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato told Automotive News Europe. He said a larger Alfa is particularly needed in North America to rival the likes of the BMW iX and Audi Q8 e-Tron.

Aston Martin SUV

Expected: 2025

Aston Martin says its first EV is “targeted” to launch in 2025. As the British ultra-luxury automaker has improved financially in recent years, it has signed EV technology deals with Lucid, Mercedes-Benz and Geely. Aston’s chief technology officer told Britain’s Auto Express that the company’s first EV will be an SUV, have four motors and combine Lucid and in-house technology.

Audi Q6 e-Tron

Expected: 2025

Audi has already hosted a media drive for a prototype of the Q6 e-Tron luxury compact SUV. The European-spec version of the SUV’s interior appears up to Audi’s interior design standards and features a panoramic curved display that includes an 11.9-inch instrument display and 14.5-inch touchscreen. Like its coming A6 e-Tron sedan stablemate, the new SUV is built on the new PPE platform developed by parent Volkswagen for its premium vehicle brands.

Buick Electra

Expected: 2025

Buick announced it will unveil its first EV for the U.S. by the end of 2024, and that it and all future EVs from Buick will carry the Electra name revived from the brand’s past. Coincidentally, Buick unveiled the Electra E5 SUV, which is built on GM’s latest Ultium platform, for the China market in April 2023, and a companion E4 with a swoopier roofline has followed in China. It’s a good bet that a U.S.-spec version of the SUV will be Buick’s first EV here.

Cadillac Escalade IQ

Expected: 2025

Cadillac’s coming Escalade IQ reimagines the big and bold truck-based Escalade in a smaller package with less in-your-face style, though it still has a huge (though faux) grille and lots of Cadillac design cues. It’s not quite as roomy as the gas-powered Escalade but rivals it in interior luxury; it features a 55-inch curved dashboard display like the one in Cadillac’s Celestiq. Cadillac says it will offer up to 750 hp and 785 pounds-feet of torque, plus an estimated 0-60 mph time of less than five seconds and a tow rating of up to 8,000 pounds. The brand also has confirmed to Automotive News that a stretched Escalade IQL version, an EV counterpart to the longer-wheelbase gasoline Escalade ESV, is coming. Cadillac says Escalade IQ pricing will start at about $130,000.

Cadillac Optiq

Expected: 2025

Cadillac’s coming new entry-level vehicle, the Optiq small SUV, has already been revealed in near-production form. The brand has provided few details but describes the Optiq as an “entry point” for Cadillac, suggesting the starting price might be less than $50,000, or about $10,000 less than where the current Lyriq SUV starts.

Cadillac Vistiq

Expected: 2026

Cadillac has announced this three-row Vistiq SUV is coming and revealed photos, but otherwise, the company is not offering details. It appears to be close in size and concept to the XT6 in the current Cadillac lineup.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, Pickup

Expected: Late 2024?

The EV startup with an innovative cab-forward vehicle design has struggled financially but has begun building vehicles at an Oklahoma plant. The Lifestyle van, as well as a pickup truck revealed a few years ago, are still planned, but the company so far has concentrated on commercial deliveries of the van for business and government fleet contracts.

Chrysler SUV

Expected: 2025

For the 2024 model year, the Chrysler brand shrank to just its Pacifica and Voyager minivans, but parent company Stellantis has said the brand will live on with an all-electric lineup by 2028. First up in that transition, say Chrysler executives, will be an SUV built on the company’s STLA Large platform; it might be inspired by the 2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept vehicle. Other vehicles that might be part of an electric Chrysler lineup have not been announced, but the brand recently showed a futuristic sedan dubbed the Halcyon Concept.

Fisker Pear

Expected: 2025

The next EV planned by designer Henrik Fisker’s startup is a small urban vehicle called the Pear. The company is in talks to have the Pear built by Foxconn in Lordstown, Ohio. The SUV’s most interesting feature might be its projected starting price of about $30,000, but it also sports a novel rear liftgate that opens by sliding down behind the bumper. At a product presentation last summer, Fisker showed the Pear next to prototypes of two other EVs it says could follow: a pickup truck called the Alaska, which shares the Ocean’s platform and is projected to cost less than $50,000, and the Ronin, a limited-edition four-door convertible that Fisker says will boast “1,000-plus” hp, a 0-60 mph time of about two seconds and a price tag starting close to $400,000.

Ford 3-Row SUV

Expected: 2025

Ford said as early as 2021 that an electric Explorer (and a premium Lincoln Aviator version) would be coming. But more recently, Doug Field (Ford’s chief EV, digital and design officer) talked about a larger full-size, three-row family SUV designed for increased efficiency; it would have a compact battery pack with a 350-mile range, lower cost and would be revealed in 2025. He also said a second-generation of Ford’s electric pickup, also more efficient, would be revealed in 2025. Ford is preparing to launch an electric SUV in Europe later in 2024, with the Explorer name, but it’s an EV co-developed with Volkswagen and shares a platform with the VW ID.4; it is not expected to come to North America.

Genesis SUV

Expected: 2026

Hyundai broke ground in November on a new dedicated EV plant at its manufacturing complex in Ulsan, South Korea, and announced that the first model produced when the plant goes online in 2026 will be an electric SUV for the Genesis brand. What exactly it might be was not revealed, but there has been speculation that the brand will add a three-row SUV to rival big EVs from other luxury companies.

Hyundai Ioniq 7

Expected: 2025

Hyundai is expected to add a three-row electric SUV called the Ioniq 7 to its EV lineup, a Hyundai-styled version of the just released Kia EV9 with similar specs. The new SUV has already been spotted in testing and appears inspired by the Hyundai Seven Concept shown in late 2021. Hyundai Group is building a new EV plant in Georgia and is developing a second-generation EV platform that will support 13 new EVs from its Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands through 2030, ranging from “small and large SUVs to pickup trucks, along with the flagship models of the Genesis brand.”

Ineos Fusilier

ineos fusilier concept exterior oem 01 jpg Ineos Fusilier | Manufacturer image

Expected: 2027

Ineos, maker of the rugged Grenadier off-roader, has announced its first EV, the Fusilier off-road-oriented SUV. It’s slightly smaller and lower than the Grenadier and has softer edges and other details (such as recessed door hinges) to improve aerodynamics and EV performance; it will also ride on a new electric platform. No powertrain details have been announced for the Fusilier, which, like the Grenadier, is being jointly developed with and built by Magna in Austria starting in 2027.

Jeep Recon

Expected: 2025

The Recon, according to Jeep, will be an electric-only SUV with Jeep “Trail Rated” off-road chops. Jeep says it will feature the brand’s Selec-Terrain four-wheel drive, electronic locking axles, underbody plates and all-terrain tires. Jeep says the boxy (think the old Cherokee) SUV will have Wrangler-like removable doors and glass and a power-retractable top. While the Recon has an off-road-oriented design, it’s not a substitute for an electric Wrangler. Recon production could begin in late 2024.

Jeep Wagoneer S

Expected: 2024

Jeep’s Wagoneer S is a big luxury SUV that the brand says will be in production by the end of 2024 and built on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform for large EVs. Jeep has offered few powertrain details beyond that it will have standard AWD, 600 hp and a 0-60 mph time of about 3.5 seconds. Jeep has shown the exterior styling and recently released teaser images of its interior. This is not Jeep’s first EV, however: That would be the Avenger, an electric subcompact SUV for the European market.

Land Rover Range Rover EV

Expected: 2024

Land Rover has begun taking reservations for the coming electric version of its flagship Range Rover, which is expected to be in production in the U.K. by the end of 2024. The company says it will be quiet (it is an EV after all) and luxurious, but also have the off-road capability for which the brand is known and performance to rival V-8 Range Rovers — though the company has not announced details of the powertrain. The Range Rover EV will be built on the same large SUV platform as the gasoline-powered version.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport EV

Expected: 2025

Land Rover’s redesigned third-generation Range Rover Sport brought freshened styling, updated tech and a new plug-in hybrid variant. The luxury SUV brand says that an electric version of the Sport will follow the flagship Range Rover EV with which it shares a platform. The company still says it will offer an all-electric version of every model by 2030, but it has cut that down from six to four due by 2026. The next two will be built on a new electric platform for medium-size SUVs, but Land Rover has not said what the models will be.

Lincoln SUV

Expected: 2025?

Lincoln unveiled the Star SUV concept in 2022 and said then that the brand would have three electric SUVs by 2025 and a fourth by 2026. However, Lincoln President Dianne Craig told Automotive News in 2023 that she might be rethinking that pace and would not say how many EVs might be coming or when they would arrive.

Lucid Gravity

Expected: Late 2024

EV startup Lucid’s follow-up to its stylish Air sedan will be the Gravity SUV, which was unveiled at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show (where we named it our Best in Show). The large SUV has a roomy and impressively luxurious three-row interior with a version of the Air’s 34-inch dashboard display. Lucid said pricing would start at about $80,000 and that it’s expecting a maximum range of about 440 miles. It offered no details on the Gravity’s powertrain, but the Air sedan offers one-, two- and three-motor systems with up to 1,200 hp.

Maserati Grecale Folgore

Expected: 2024

Like others, Maserati’s strategy to be all-electric by 2030 has hit a series of delays. Its 2023 Grecale luxury compact SUV went on sale in the U.S. in gasoline and mild-hybrid forms, but the all-electric Folgore (Italian for “lightning”) version now is not expected to follow until later in 2024, with U.S. details to come. Meanwhile, Maserati now says the unveiling of an EV successor for its Levante SUV will not be unveiled until 2027, while an electric version of the Quattroporte luxury sedan will not be shown until 2028.

Mercedes-EQ EQG

Expected: Late 2024

Mercedes showed a concept back in 2021 for an EV version of its iconic G-Class SUV (a.k.a. the G-Wagen) and has said that production will begin in 2024. Details are still to be announced, but the concept used a version of the gasoline model’s body-on-frame platform and had a separate electric motor for each wheel. A prototype was seen in winter testing in 2023. Separately, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius has said that a smaller, and presumably cheaper, electric version of the high-dollar G is also coming at some point down the road.

Polestar 4

Expected: 2024

The electric Polestar 4, a sloped-roof “coupe SUV” planned for late in 2024, will follow the new and slightly bigger 2024 Polestar 3 SUV and expand the luxury EV brand’s lineup to three vehicles. The five-seat Polestar 4’s most polarizing design element might be that the fastback has no rear window, though it does have an extra-large glass roof. The 4 will use 102-kWh battery pack and be available in single-motor, 272-hp rear-wheel-drive and dual-motor, 544-hp AWD variants. Polestar estimates the AWD version will be capable of a 0-62 mph time of 3.8 seconds and that range will be 300 miles with RWD and 270 miles with AWD. It says pricing will start around $60,000, which would be significantly less than the Polestar 3’s entry price of $85,300 (with destination).

Ram 1500 REV

ram 1500 rev exterior oem 08 jpg Ram 1500 REV | Manufacturer image

Expected: 2024

A production version of Ram’s coming entry in the full-size electric pickup wars, the Ram 1500 REV, was displayed at the 2023 New York International Auto Show. It had conventional pickup truck design and a luxury interior in the top trim on display. Ram says the dual-motor AWD powertrain will have system output of 654 hp and estimates a payload capacity of 2,700 pounds along with a tow rating of up to 14,000 pounds. The Stellantis brand says the truck will offer two batteries: a base 168-kWh pack it says will offer 350 miles of range and a long-range 229-kWh pack with 500 miles of range.

Scout SUV, Truck

Expected: 2026

Volkswagen Group will revive the Scout brand name for an off-road-oriented electric SUV and truck. Rights to the name — known in the 1970s for rugged off-roaders from International Harvester — was acquired in a truck deal, and Scout Motors now will become a separate, independently run VW Group subsidiary. The company teased the vehicles’ profiles on a new website and announced in a teaser video that the reveal would come in the summer of 2024. The company also has broken ground for a production plant in South Carolina. Powertrain details have not been announced, but Scout CEO Scott Keogh told TechCrunch that the SUV would start in the $40,000 range, while the pickup will be “a bit north of there.” One other detail he did reveal: The Scout will have more “old-school physicality” — i.e., buttons and knobs rather than the touch controls that have annoyed us in other EVs from VW Group.

Tesla Small SUV

Expected: 2025

Tesla now is moving on its promise of a cheaper new generation of EVs taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques. CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will begin making one, reportedly a small SUV, in the second half of 2025 at its plant in Texas, followed by production in other countries. There are few details and lots of rumors regarding price and design, but the company only has said that it’s aiming for a more mass-market EV than its current models to meet increased competition.

Toyota Electric Pickup

Expected: “Near Future”

With all-electric pickups already on sale or announced by Ford, GM, Tesla and Ram, what about Toyota? The company said in 2021 (while announcing the bZ4X, its first EV) that it would bring a battery-electric powertrain to a pickup truck “in the near future.” In Japan in October, Toyota unveiled the EPU concept for a pickup that’s slightly smaller than the 2024 Tacoma.

Toyota 3-Row SUV

Expected: 2025

Toyota has announced a series of U.S. plant investments to support future EVs and has said it will build an all-new electric three-row SUV in Kentucky starting in 2025. It has offered no details on the new model, but in October, Toyota showed a Land Cruiser EV concept in Japan.

VinFast VF 6 and VF 7

Expected: 2025

Following the rollout of its two-row VF 8 and three-row VF 9 electric SUVs, Vietnamese automaker VinFast will continue its U.S. rollout with the smaller VF 6 and sportier VF 7 five-seat SUVs. The VF 6 offers only single-motor FWD in two trim levels with either 174 or 201 hp and a 59.6-kWh battery, and the VF7 has a 75.3-kWh battery with either a 201-hp, single-motor FWD setup or a 348-hp, two-motor AWD drivetrain. U.S. range estimates and pricing have not been announced. VinFast sales so far have been only in California, but the company recently began signing up franchised dealers elsewhere and plans eventually to build vehicles stateside.

Volvo EX30

Expected: 2024

The all-new Volvo EX30 subcompact electric SUV will be the Geely-owned luxury brand’s smallest vehicle in the U.S. as well as its most affordable EV. All trim levels will use a 64-kWh battery pack; powertrain options include a standard rear-mounted single motor putting out 268 hp and a 422-hp, two-motor AWD system. Volvo estimates range for the base trim at 275 miles and 265 miles for the AWD version. Starting prices with destination range from $36,245 for the base RWD trim to $47,895 for the top Ultra AWD.

Volvo EX90

Expected: 2024

Volvo’s largest EV will be the three-row EX90, an electric SUV that seats up to seven and is based on the gas-powered XC90. All variants have a 111-kWh battery pack and two-motor AWD. The base versions have a system output of 402 hp, while the Performance variants boast 496 hp. Volvo estimates that both versions will have up to 300 miles of range. The EX90 also will feature an array of luxury features and standard advanced safety technology. Starting prices will range from just under $78,000 to more than $87,000 (with destination).

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Expected: 2024

Volkswagen has been teasing the retro-Microbus-styled ID.Buzz van since it was a concept in 2017, but the real deal will arrive in the U.S. later in 2024. The U.S. will get only a long-wheelbase, three-row version of the van (a smaller two-row version is offered elsewhere) with a 91-kWh battery pack. It will have seven seats (six with captain’s chairs) in the tall and roomy interior. The base powertrain is a single rear-mounted motor with 282 hp, while a dual-motor AWD system will have a total of 330 hp. Range estimates have not been announced.

Hatchbacks and Wagons

mini countryman se all4 side oem jpg Mini Countryman SE All4 | Manufacturer image

Chevrolet Bolt

Expected: 2025

The Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV, GM’s bestselling electric nameplate and one of the few low-priced EVs, ended production in December but will return with a new version built on the automaker’s Ultium platform. While GM CEO Mary Barra said in December that the Bolt would be back in 2025, there was no word on whether it would be a new version of the little Bolt EV hatchback or the larger Bolt EUV — or both.

Mini Cooper Countryman

Expected: 2025

The redesigned Mini Countryman is slightly bigger than the current model and will offer its first two all-electric versions: the Countryman E with a 204-hp motor and an estimated range of 287 miles on the European testing cycle (which tends to be higher than the U.S. EPA testing cycle) and the two-motor, AWD SE All4 with a total of 313 hp and an estimated range of 269 miles on the same cycle. Its new interior will retain Mini’s signature round central display with a diameter of 9.4 inches, about half an inch larger than the one in the current Countryman. Mini has not announced whether the new version of the electric Mini SE Hardtop will come to the U.S.; the current model is one of the least expensive EVs on the market in the U.S.

Mini Cooper Aceman

Expected: TBD

This new electric-only model for Mini, its third EV, sits between the Hardtop and Countryman in size and was first shown as a concept in 2022. Mini has confirmed the four-door Aceman for production, but it hasn’t confirmed if or when it will come to North America.

Sports Cars

maserati gran turismo folgore 2024 exterior oem 08 jpg 2024 Maserati GranTurismo Folgore | Manufacturer image

Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Expected: 2024

After a hiatus since 2019, the sports car from Maserati has returned for the 2024 model year with an updated interior and tech and new gasoline powertrains. However, deliveries have been pushed into 2024 for the GranTurismo’s electric Folgore version, which features a three-motor system with two motors on the rear axle and torque vectoring AWD. A 92.5-kWh battery runs down the center of the vehicle, allowing the GranTurismo to sit lower than many EVs.

Polestar 6

Expected: 2026

Polestar says it will build the 6 roadster, which closely follows the design of the O2 concept car unveiled in Los Angeles in 2022. The 2+2 hardtop convertible will ride on a new bonded-aluminum platform and feature two-motor AWD with a combined output of 884 hp. Polestar estimates a range of more than 300 miles. The brand has started a waiting list for the 500-unit LA Concept launch edition (reserving a build slot if available will require $25,000) and expects final pricing to be about $200,000.

Tesla Roadster

Expected: 2025

The much-delayed Roadster — a reboot announced in 2017 of the EV automaker’s original Roadster — looks set to be unveiled in late 2024 with deliveries in 2025 now that the also-delayed Cybertruck has rolled out. The company continues to claim eye-popping capability for the three-motor 2+2 roadster, including a 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds, a quarter-mile time of 8.8 seconds, a 250 mph top speed and 620 miles of range. Tesla continues to take $50,000 reservations for the sports car, expected to be priced at $200,000.


cadillac celestiq 2024 exterior oem 01 jpg Cadillac Celestiq | Manufacturer image

Bentley EV

Expected: 2026

The Volkswagen-owned luxe brand has announced a plan to sell only EVs by 2030 and to unveil its first one in 2025. No details have yet been revealed, including whether the first — likely to be in the U.S. market in 2026 — will be a version of an existing model or something all-new.

Cadillac Celestiq

Expected: 2024

Cadillac began production in January of the flagship Celestiq, which is hand-built on a dedicated line in Michigan, and deliveries should begin later in the year. Cadillac says the small-batch performance hatchbacks will be built only to custom orders and set buyers back $300,000-plus. The Celestiq will offer 600 hp and about 300 miles of range. It’ll be first to get GM’s newest version of the Super Cruise hands-free driving assistance, and its luxury interior will be trimmed to buyers’ individual tastes and feature a huge 55-inch LED display.

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